Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BREAKING NEWS U.N. G-20 CALL FOR THE ELIMINATION OF THE U.S. DOLLAR. The Satanic Illuminati make their move..


The Illuminati Plan for the Collapse of the U.S. economy is ahead of schedule.
...-Satanic United Nations Organization Calls for the Elimination of U.S. Dollar
Satanic One World Government Plans Move Forward

Things will change very quickly on our planet from here on.

The NWO Global Satanic Pyramid is almost complete..

I have put a series of websites together to chronicle these Historical events as we move forward deeper into the Last Days of Biblical Prophecy.

These sites are for a reference to "real-world" events as they occur in "real-time"

I encourage everyone to examine this body of work which spans over a decade to see the substance that went behind these assertions and "truths" I am making here regarding the coming New World Order, and the inevitable coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This body of work is for the children we've rescued from these vicious predators.

This body of work is a message of hope to the public.

This body of work serves as a warning to these so-called "World-Leaders"/world-governments who intend to hand over their powers to a one-world plutocracy catering to the Beast system, Anti-christ. Those so-called elitists who believe what they do in secrecy cannot be seen, nor discerned...The Lord sees your schemes, and your deeds.
**You are headed to your own destruction, as well as those who follow along with you in your suicidal rebellion against the true Lord Yahweh, and His Son Christ Jesus.

This body of work will serve as an example for our children, so they can see what true dedication, sacrifice, and courage are all about.

This body of work shines on all those who gave their time and efforts in doing something that these so-called World leaders didn't do, even though it was their moral obligation to do so, with their enormous public tax-funded resources. Instead they squanderd untold $Trillions killing off even more humans with wars than they saved in lives. God is watching them.

A sustained commitment to truth. -This is what I call Leadership.
-So they can actually see what I mean when I say we are here to serve our fellow man, not ourselves, by actions, not words...

As for future wishes, it has always been a personal hope for a place beside my Lord in his coming Kingdom.
This has been my dream since I was a child.

We're always looking forward towards that promise each and every single day, even if it means giving my life for this prize.

We will continue save as many lives as we can, until our Lord returns...

Now I can see that relief is coming soon in the form of our Lord Jesus Christ. It won't be much longer now, thank God.

This present world system is coming to its much needed conclusion. The collapse of this disgusting world's financial system is the beginning of the end of this nitemare called Satan's world.

I can sense our time here is almost finished...
We have no idea how long they will let us communicate as freely as we can now.

-So I would strongly suggest that all people start getting serious about how their standing is before the Lord Of Hosts before He returns to claim "His People" and set up His coming Kingdom on Earth.

The notion of this coming "New World Order", and a 'New Age Religion' of a Satanic nature is no longer a myth, it's a plain fact.

-The world leaders are now calling for this "New World Order" publicly, overtly, as the elite have quietly for years.

They (World Leaders) are moving aggressively forward now because people are starting to wake-up to their overall agenda, so they want to close the trap of global dictatorship before the masses awaken to their evil agenda.

-With this in mind, how aggresively should we seek the truth?

You have been Warned..

Good Luck to All.


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