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Analysis: James Cameron's "AVATAR" PART 3. The Return of the Fallen Angels (Nephilim)

Analysis: James Cameron's "AVATAR" PART 3.
The Return of the NEPHILIM

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32)
Archaeologists uncover remains of "Giants" known in the Bible as the Nephilim..

The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them: the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

Genesis 6:4

Part 3. Avatar and "The Nephilim"
This is part 3 of the AVATAR movie dissection.

In the first segment (Part 1.) I showed you how the movie Avatar was serving multiple purposes pertaining to the coming New World Order satanic dictatorship, and the practice of witchcraft (Earth Worship) -Human/Animal DNA blending/manipulation, Satanism (Demonic Possession/Soul Shifting) disguised as “science”

We showed you how James Cameron is yet another Satan worshipping Illuminati Freemason of the Hollywood movie fraternity, and entertainment establishment.

-After uncovering all we know about this Satanic film, we should be very concerned...
In all reality, this satanic film "Avatar" has left us no other choice but to discover these "truths"

We Humans had better find the answers to these serious questions, and fast..


These Illuminati funded scientists are trying to re-animate the ancient Nephilim by genetic engineering, and the blending of Human/Animal DNA.

-By doing this, the Illuminati hope to re-create the conditions necessary to bring back the demonically possessed Nephilim Hybrids of Biblical scripture.

-Just as life imitates art, the sick dark humour of the Illuminati is brought forth when you realise this evil practice of demonic possession, and DNA manipulation is actually occurring in real life on our planet today, by the very Illuminati agents that financed James Cameron's film via The "FOX" Entertainment conglomerate.

There are many Illuminati funded underground base military facilities and laboratories, in which the Illuminati seek to bring back the ancient abominations called the “Nephilim of Biblical scripture, which they intend to eventually release in large numbers upon our earth to corrupt mankind as a species on the genetic level.
Civilian scientists began cloning over 50 years ago..
Remember: Military scientists are well over 200 years ahead in technology and research than their Civilian counterparts.

The Cloning and experimentation of these Animal/Human DNA blended abominations is being performed in secret military labs in all technologically advanced countries under the guise of science and under the protection of the military and the international intelligence apparatus.

Real photograph of DULCE Underground Base Cloning Facility
Quote(!)James Casbolt, a whistle-blowing former MI6 agent from a family with a tradition in such profession, writes:

This is one of the milder inside tips on animal-human cross-over cloning using Alien science and technology regarding the Dulce, NM location.
In the second segment (Part 2.) we examined some of the implications concerning the notion of the possible existence of these DNA blended abominations, and how they appear to be present amongst us in our society today in some capacity or another.

Here is a photo of the Dulce cloning facility, level 19,

Genetically modified Human/Animal blended Abominations exist amongst us today.

It was also noted that Illuminati controlled media interests are complicit in covering up the real story behind these lizard like abominations, particularly the Illuminati controlled “FOX” Media Conglomerate.
Michael Brownlee, FOX News Reporter, and alleged reptoid Shapeshifter.
-As a matter of fact, FOX News seems to have several of these shape shifting, Human/ animal blended abominations/anomalies working in and around their News broadcasting Company.

We should also understand, and take note that the Illuminati controlled media system is covering up all details surrounding this scourge, and how it threatens to contaminate the very gene pool of Humanity.
In this section we are going to examine the foundation for the return of these genetically modified abominations, by searching for clues from the very first appearance of these demonic Hybrid creatures called “The Nephilim” -Which was just before the Great Biblical Flood of Noah’s day.

Archaeologists digging for the remains of the demonic hybrids, the Nephilim..

From this examination you will soon discover that the Demon entities or “fallen angels”which spawned the Nephilim of Noah’s day, are in fact the same demons that are back once again trying to interface with, and infiltrate our earth on the physical plane through the use of manipulative DNA technology.

Meet Barry King: A former worker at Underground DNA Genetics lab (RAF Peasemore) Expose "Alien Agenda"
"They are also involved in creating "Lifeforms" -Barry King

Through the genetic blending of animal and Human DNA, these ancient demonic entities are then directing, or imparting these Satan worshipping Illuminati funded scientists with the knowledge of advanced DNA manipulative technologies, and other X-tra-intelligent technologies such as electrogravitics, and other super-intelligent propulsion systems.


Human/Animal Genetic blended clones are being produced by assembly line fashion (Growing stages) in clandestine underground facilities..

These technologies are being hidden away from the public, but will be unveiled to augment a coming great UFO deception, complete with their DNA modified "Aliens" or demonic Nephilim entities which they (Illuminati) are working to bring back into our world.

In the video below (See Part 1.) Barry King, a former worker at a secret underground base in England, performing these apocalyptic Human/Animal DNA experiments, exposes the truth behind the so called alien phenomenon, in which He states that the so called 'aliens' we hear about called “The Greys” are really just DNA modified and generated lifeforms/shells or hosts for these demonic spirit entities to possess physically, and to communicate through..

So what are these Illuminati funded genetic Scientists doing??

This former secret underground base worker (Barry King) explains that these government funded scientists are busy creating Human/Animal DNA modified abominations or "Hosts" for demonic entities to then possess with their evil spirits.
This is where we get the "Nephilim abominations from.

Let me explain to you people in a nutshell what these Scientists are doing down in these known underground facilities.

This just gets better..
Barry King: Former Underground Genetic Base Security (Peasemore)

Mr. Barry King also goes on to explain how a so called “Partnership” exists between these demonic spirit entities, which literally possess the “laboratory created Grey aliens” and then communicate technologies to these Human research scientists(!)

Barry King indicates that the government is using the demonic knowledge from these malevolent demonic spirit entities to fashion all manner of technology at the expense of our physical safety.-The Earth's physical safety.
Scientists have known for a long time that genetics is the cipher of Human life.

Barry King also indicates that these demonic spirit entities want a generated "race" of their own to eventually live amongst Humans in our very own society(!)

This partnership between these Human Scientists and these inter-dimensional demonic spirits, which has been confirmed by many others who have since come forward with their incredible claims, indicates that these scientists at these underground labs and vast underground facilities where these abominations dwell, are in fact trying to appease their demonic entities by creating genetically engineered "bodies" for them to inhabit, or possess, just like in the movie "Avatar"

Exactly what are the Nephilim? -And why have the Masonic Illuminati Satanists searched for them throughout the ages?

Digging for the remains of the ancient demonic genetic Hybrids, the Nephilim

Genesis Chapter 6:

According to this view, the ‘sons of God’ of verses 2 and 4 are fallen angels, which have taken the form of masculine human-like creatures. These angels married women of the human race (either Cainites or Sethites) and the resulting offspring were the Nephilim. The Nephilim were giants with physical superiority and therefore established themselves as men of renown for their physical prowess and military might. This race of half human creatures was wiped out by the flood, along with mankind in general, who were sinners in their own right

The Nephilim were ancient genetic hybrids created by the combining of Human Female and Demonic DNA in which the Angels of the true Lord forsook their positions in the Heavens, and came down to Earth to have sexual Human relations with the daughters of Men.
The word “Nephilim translated from Hebrew means “Fallen Ones”
-As in Satan and his rebellious fallen angels
The ancient Hybrid DNA blended abominations these forbidden unions produced were called the "Nephilim"

Remains of Giants are often found to this day, proving once again the existence of these once powerful Hybrid Nephilim abominations.
God destroyed the offspring of those blasphemous unions with the Great Flood of Noah's day, as the Human genome had become corrupted when mixed with that of the DNA from the angelic fallen angels.

These abominations and their offspring eventually corrupted/contaminated the ‘seed’ or DNA of mankind, which resulted in the excessive violence and evil nature of the ancient Antediluvian pre-flood era.

This destruction of these abominations was deemed necessary because the Nephilim abominations were destroying the Earth with violence, due to their unholy nature, and blasphemous existence.

Remains of the demonic hybrid Giants known as Nephilim,,
This unnatural blending of these ancient angelic beings with mankind produced adverse effects to the environment of peace in that ancient world, so God destroyed it the with the great deluge known as the Great flood of Noah's day.

This is something we have to understand if we are to solve the "Avatar Puzzle" and its blatant satanic practice of the blending of species on the genetic level.

The Illuminati have made it no secret that they want to literally bring in the age of Lucifer/Satan in the form of their "Anti-Christ"

In order to initiate this blasphemous act, the Illuminati have relied on "science" to try to genetically re-create the conditions necessary to bring back the ancient abominations known as the "Nephilim"or the fallen angels known as Demons.

And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

Jude 1:6
This is what the entire DNA modification system is really about, which is re-creating the conditions necessary to bring back these ancient demonic forces which have deceived these men into believing that they are benevolent space brethren that have come to give us new technologies and be our "spirit guides" -Does that sound familiar?

It sounds exactly like these "New Age Gurus" who are channeling "DEMONS" which they are mistaking for benevolent spirits that just want to lend a helping hand...

These scientists have become drunk with the technology these demonic beings are imparting to them, and while taking in this knowledge, these scientists have agreed to also create sustainable "host bodies for these evil demonic spirits to inhabit A.K.A Nephilim, or AVATARS.

These abominations are being genetically re-created in clandestine underground military facilities for the actual inhabitation of the evil spirits of the fallen angels, the demonic entities from the Biblical scripture. Unbelievable but TRUE..

This is why the need for so much underground secrecy, because if the public only knew what these sick twisted bastards were up to, they would be hunted down and lynched on our very streets that they seek to unleash these demonic horrors upon.

-Think about it for a minute.. There is no need for secret underground genetics laboratories if you are performing ethical and humane experiments designed to benefit the existence of the citizens of our planet. -So any creepy clandestine underground genetics lab would then be performing experiments that would be deemed illegal, unethical, dangerous, and or treasonous to the general public.

These so called scientists and their people are literally working with demonic entities, for which they have genetically manufactured “Hosts” or Bodies for. Can you IMAGINE?

-Which is where we get the term ("The Greys") which look just like your two dollar garden variety alien from the bad b-movies which the Illuminati controlled media has been pushing on society for the last generation.


Picture representing 'REAL'Genetically modified and laboratory grown "Hosts" called the "Alien Greys"

-These "greys" are supposed to be the Genesis of the modern demonically possessed "Nephilim" program. They have advanced much further in their research since then.

These laboratory manufactured “Alien grey” entities are then given a voice from which they communicate with these scientists which are eager for the demonic technology these ancient and evil demonic spirit beings possess.

Apparently these Man made created alien abominations come in different formats, 'varying from size to shape, and color. The movie "Avatar" gives only the 'INFORMED' audience a preview of sorts into this demonic practice of genetic DNA blending and demonic possession posing as "science"

Here you can see the "Host Avatar" abomination in the background waiting to be "Possessed" by the spirit, or the consciousness of the "Avatar Driver" which is played by actor, Sam Worthington.

Satanic demonic possession disguised as science was subliminally introduced to the audience in the movie Avatar, and the majority of sheeple didn't see it.

This is blatant use of technology to disguise demonic possession, which is occurring at this very moment in the ‘real world, in these secret underground military labs, in which these so called scientists are creating “Hosts” for these demonic spirit entities, which are imparting this X-tra-intelligent technology, and manipulative DNA knowledge to them.

According to several credible eyewitnesses who have come forward from different parts of the world, these so called Human-made, demonically possessed, DNA modified created shells or “alien greys” are imparting advanced X-tra-intelligent knowledge to these scientists, which are then coming out with new methods of propulsion, power systems, and utterly fantastic twelfth generation technologies.

These new technologies have enabled these scientists to produce all manner of UFO looking craft capable of fantastic maneuverability and extreme speeds.
These new technologies will be unveiled in the not so distant future.

Barry King Describes seeing genetically mutated Reptoid Creatures.

Generated genetic lifeforms are being developed in underground military genetics labs

They will use this X-tra-intelligent technology, and UFO looking crafts powered by new forms of propulsion such as electrogravitics, and antimatter propulsion in a giant deception to fool the world that aliens have come to give us technology and bring us into a new era of peace and bliss. 

Now that you are armed with that information, look at the evidence of evil for yourselves:

 This is one of the most important videos you can ever see regarding the "Alien phenomena"


These so-called "aliens" are abducting , mutilating, and murdering our earth's citizens. This makes them malevolent and evil.
They are experimenting with demonic DNA manipulative sciences, and producing abominations, or living machines. Biological hosts.

This discussion is very important, and I know people are paying attention.
We are all going to be affected by this one way or the other, and you wouldn't be here now if you didn't sense something is fundamentally unsound about this entire phenomena.

There are far too many unanswered questions concerning the origins, intent, and length of involvement that we, and world Governments have had with these so-called extra-terrestrials.
... ,,,
You may not be able to physically see the malevolence, but I'm confident you can sense it.

  1. We have been continually lied to about the origins of well known Government black project sites which have been at the center of a vast number of these anomalous "sightings" (Area 51, Dulce New Mexico, etc.)-This over-the-top 'secrecy' is in itself malevolent in nature.
  2. These so-called 'aliens' have been sighted for hundreds of years, yet they still have not declared official existence to Humanity. What are they waiting for? -Certainly not an invitation, just ask the Farmers of the mutilated Cattle all around the world. (This is EVIL, get it?
My friends, if a stranger wanted to meet you and introduce himself he wouldn't hide out in your backyard for over 100 years before knocking on your front door and introducing himself. These so-called 'aliens' are behaving like burglars hiding until the right time to strike. In the shadows, hiding. -This my friends, is malevolent.

  1. As we have already discussed, thousands of people have come forward to officially report abduction experiences which occurred under duress, and, most importantly, against their will. -This my friends in not only malevolent in nature, but it is classified as EVIL The Kidnapping of a sovereign being against his or her will is a crime against all of us. -Period.

  2. The act of brazenly stealing and mutilating Human owned livestock is not only malevolent and evil, it is also terrifying. Just ask the Farmers and the People who live nearby. -So now you can see by just these few examples that the totality of this 'alien phenomena' is malevolent if not down right evil in its intentions.
You have to look at the biggest picture we can prove so far, and I have just highlighted some of the reasons that I can say for certain, that these entities, whatever they claim to be, are evil, and malevolent in nature.

People had better wake up, because this phenomena is just not going away. Disclosure is coming, it is now just a question of when.

Now with this information, you can tell me what these entities are... It's obvious -Pure Demonic, and evil.

Watch this video for yourselves:
Dr. Scott Johnson describes the demonic corruption of Mankind by satanic DNA-blending before the Antediluvian Flood.
The "Na'vi" of AVATAR, or modern "Nephilim" are created in DNA Laboratories..
The oversized characteristics of the Na'vi in the film AVATAR are set to resemble that of the ancient demonic Nephilim in size and stature.
The Na’vi in the movie “Avatar” are obviously humanoid beings with animal characteristics as well. This blending of Human and animal DNA results in the inspiration for the Na’vi in which James Cameron actually substituted for the name"Nephilim" for obvious reasons.

These entities have used the guise of "Archaeology" to scour the earth for the ancient burial sites of these ancient abominations, so they can collect and harvest the DNA from the bones of these ancient abominations which God Himself destroyed by the Biblical flood of Noah's day.

The term Na`vi in the movie Avatar is just a short form for the word Nephilim. The new form,  neo-Nephilim.
God promised in His Word that secret wisdom and truths known only to Him would NOT be revealed to all, but only to those that had eyes to see and ears to hear.
So far God has made good on these promises to me. His Word is true. Now it's up to you to discover these truths for yourself, because only by knowing the truth, do we stand a chance at seeing through their lies.

Some of us can see directly through this coming great deception as if it wasn't even there.

I thank God for giving us the insight to see through this nitemare before us, and the knowledge of His word in the Holy Bible.
Without this knowledge, we people will have no chance in surviving the coming foretold disasters.


Updating ..Work in progress...

Part 1 and 2 below...

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DarkStarAZ said...

In 1991 I went to "The Little AleInn" in Rachael Nevada, where we videotaped a host of speakers including William Cooper, John Lear, Norio Hayakawa and others. Norio then led us out to "Freedom Ridge" - which had a close viewpoint of Area51. (This was before the Land Grab) Mad Dog Woman stayed down below, and saw some craft but we just saw Old Faithful- delivering the daily round of workers.
Now at that time it was thought that the entire thing was physical alien based etc. but since that time I too have reached the conclusion that the real purpose of undergound bases is for the purpose of genetics - though I think there is physical ET involvement - a minor difference in view. You would want biological warfare agents to be worked on WAYYYY undergound, and until you perfect cloning you want to stay away, WAY AWAY from the prying eyes of the media, because until you perfect cloning your bound to get some freaky looking entities.
Being out there in the middle of nowhere, 50 floors down is the way to do it.
Agree w/ the author that cloning is 50 years ahead of Dolly.
If they release anti grav and zero point energy would that be so terrible though? MeThinx the BP Oil Spill is a good leadup to that!