Sunday, October 13, 2013

Analysis: Hunger Games, and the Satanic New World Order Agenda

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light.

Luke 8:17


 Welcome to the Hunger Games, a vision of the future called the New World Order.
-Before watching this film, make sure you have some Aspirin handy.

The young girl in the above photo is the Hero and victim in the movie 'The Hunger Games'
-A movie about a dystopian nightmare of satanic oppression modeled after the 'New World Order' ongoing Luciferian agenda for this planet.

Children are apparently the target in this particular piece of predictive-programming, satanic shit disguised as a movie.
Now you have an idea of what your separated children will be going through once we enter their New World Order satanic dictatorship.
-You didn't know??  They are going to separate you from your children. Don't kid yourselves, it's in the U.N. NWO mandate. Look for yourselves:

E.O. 11000 - "... provides for the SEIZURE OF ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE for work forces under federal supervision, including SPLITTING UP OF FAMILIES if the government has to."  (link)


 Meet Suzanne Collins, Author of "The Hunger Games"

Born Suzanne Collins
August 10, 1962 (age 49) [1]
Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.
Occupation Television scriptwriter, novelist
Nationality  American
Genres  Fantasy, science fiction, children, young adult, suspense, action
Notable work(s)  The Hunger Games trilogy,
The Underland Chronicles.

How a woman(?) could come up with such a psycho satanic dystopian vision of the future is beyond all rational thought, unless you understand the mentality of the elite satanists, and those who worship him.
This Movie 'The Hunger Games' is glorified tyranny and pure evil, but it gets worse once you realize that this is the real template that is being used for the New World Order.

What you have just witnessed if you have watched this movie, or just seen the previews, was the entire Satanic/Luciferian agenda packaged as a movie.
Suzanne Collins is obviously intimately familiar with that very agenda.

-You would have to be an invalid, or a twelve-year-old, not to see the obvious connections to the Luciferian agenda in this film, and this film is deliberately geared and targeted towards your children.

Look into the eyes of that sad creature, and ask yourself what would motivate her to design such a dark future for our children? 
Remember, this was not her idea, this is the global Illuminati agenda(!)
This Movie was intended as a primer for what the elite have planned for this world. 

This is their ultimate goal. -Your enslavement, your family's enslavement,  this is just around the corner. 
Just as this following quote from 'Time Magazine' indicates, this outrageous predictive programming campaign is in full gear.


“Whereas Katniss kills with finesse, Collins writes with raw power...The Hunger Games and Catching Fire expose children to exactly the kind of violence we usually shield them from..."

-Time Magazine 2012

Time Magazine is promoting this garbage to the mainstream, as is the rest of the controlled media grid and establishment. They ARE PRAISING IT(!)

History is repeating again, and just like all other past civilizations that worshiped Satan, and the Pyramid sun-god worship, Human-child sacrifice is a cornerstone of the satanic pyramid called the New World Order, which is being implemented as I write this right under our noses.
The signs are all around us. Society is being herded like cattle to the slaughter.

The "REAL" Hunger Games have already begun, and now they are celebrating this coming totalitarian nightmare on the movie-screens for your children to watch, so they can become accustomed to the tyranny about to be unleashed upon our society in the very near future.
-This is called predictive programming, and the satanists that control the Hollywood entertainment establishment want you to get the message that totalitarian rule is coming to a so-called district near you.

How much longer do we really have before this house of cards comes crashing down?

"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, 
their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."

-Thomas Jefferson

Seriously, what do you think is happening today. There is an agenda to collapse the U.S. economy to bring in the very totalitarian government that the Movie Hunger Games represents.
"The Hunger games" have already started in the U.S.
-You people need to wake up, yes you.
 When this economy finally collapses,  they plan to come and start rounding people up for relocation to those FEMA camps you keep hearing about (Link)

They are coming for your freedoms, your land, your resources, and your very children. 
-Don't kid yourselves. These satanists are salivating at this coming tyranny. 
This so-called Movie, Hunger Games, should serve a wake-up call for people still asleep as to what is going on all around us. 



The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a trilogy of books which has received glowing reviews in the Illuminati media. They are seen as successor to the Harry Potter series and more popular even than the Twilight series. As of February 11, 2010, The Hunger Games trilogy has sold 800,000 copies in the US. Hunger Games was followed by Catching Fire, in Sept. 2009 and Mockingjay, in August  2010.
Rights have been sold in 38 territories and there are over 2.9 million copies in print. It was on The New York Times list for over 100 consecutive weeks as of September 2010. The first movie is due out in March.

Some schools have included these books as mandatory reading for their English classes, ignoring the many fragmented and run-on sentences  which the publisher, Scholastic, has ignored.

Mothers have reported their daughters having nightmares after reading the series. The books are more gruesome and grisly than some of the more violent video games that are out there.

The story centers on Katniss Everdeen, 16, whose mother fell into a deep depression upon the death of her father in a coal mining accident. Her family lives in "District 12," one of 13 districts around the Capitol in a post-apocalyptic United States. Most of the District 12 residents live in abject poverty. Katniss must illegally hunt in the woods to feed her mother, younger sister and herself.


In the pre-history of the story, District 13 had rebelled against the Capitol's slavery-inducing, consumer-driven production fields and was literally bombed out of existence for their insurgency.

As a result, the Capitol, under President Snow, demands a reaping, A Sacrifice(!) of two children, between the ages 12-18, from each district every year.

In supreme sadistic irony, the children are forced to dress in their very best clothing for the reaping. Those who try to earn extra grain and oil for their families offer their names in the "Hunger Games."

(left. author Collins, generational satanist?)

Against all odds, the twelve year old sister of Katniss is chosen. Katniss immediately offers herself in her sister's place.

Twenty-four children are brought to the Capitol and fed the richest foods, pampered, and put on display. Each district is forced to watch the games on television.

Without her knowledge, Katniss is secretly chosen to be the face of the rebellion of the districts against the capitol.

What follows are the Hunger Games themselves. They are held in an arena from which there is no escape. The most sadistic forms of torture imaginable are used against the children in the games. There can be only one victor. The children must kill each other. One girl is only twelve years old. If they refuse to kill each other, the Gamekeeper devises torturous ways in which they are forced to kill each other off (!)

Some of the children must initially murder each other  in a 'bloodbath' in order to secure necessities from the cornucopia. They face hunger, starvation, sleep deprivation, poisonous gases, acid rains, blood rains, killing waves, mutant creatures who maul them to death, killing traps, insects that drive them madly insane if they are not outright poisoned to death by them.

By the final book, some of the children are tortured by government officials for months on end. Mind-bending, memory forging brainwashing is included. The formerly innocent children are turned into killers.They must kill or be killed (!)

The victors are paraded through-out the districts. Parents of murdered children must salute the victors, the murderers of their children. The victor's families are moved into nice houses and are wealthy for the remainder of their lives. The families of the murdered children receive nothing. Sound familiar?

In the last book, Katniss discovers that under-age children have been sold into prostitution by the President.

Book after book in the trilogy, the torture, the killing, the deception and the sadistic glory continue not only for those who have been captured by the Capitol, but also in the additional Hunger Games that has been declared.

All the former victors must participate. In the end, Katniss and the rebels win victory against Snow, but it does not protect her little sister, who has been purposefully targeted by yet another enemy and burned alive in front of her eyes.

Scholastic Inc. is the world's largest publisher and distributor of children's books.

Rev. Pamela Lanides is the mother of five children and grandmother to two. She lives in New England


Hunger Games, a satanic based movie targeted at the youth of our society to prepare them for the coming planned and orchestrated economic collapses, and the dystopian nightmare of totalitarian slavery to follow afterwards.
The Lord has already warned mankind of the coming great persecution.


"Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of My name.

Matthew 24:9

Predictive Programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by your leaders. 

 If and when these changes are put through, the public will (theoretically) already be familiarized with them and will accept them as 'natural progressions', as Alan Watt calls it; thus lessening any possible public resistance and commotion.

They are preparing the public for their version of the future New World Order dictatorship, and this brazen attack on your children was a preview of the psychology and mentality surrounding this satanic New World Order agenda. 
This present world system is running out of time. 
Ask yourselves, have you found the Lord Christ Jesus and accepted him into your lives?

Work in progress...

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light.

Luke 8:17


Anonymous said...

Sick Predictive Programming Movie Where Youngsters Kill Each Other
March 28, 2012 16:15 THEUNHIVEDMIND 3 Comments

Shocked youngsters ‘are walking out of The Hunger Games’ as experts demand film’s certificate is raised to 15

By Liz Thomas and Alison Boshoff
PUBLISHED: 21:54, 27 March 2012 | UPDATED: 12:55, 28 March 2012

Psychologists, child health professionals and parents yesterday joined calls for The Hunger Games to have its rating raised to a 15 because of its violent content.

Children who see the controversial film are at risk of having its disturbing scenes ‘hard-wired’ into their brains, one expert warned.

The movie – about teenagers in a totalitarian future being forced to kill each other in gladiatorial combat – was initially given a 15 certificate by the British Board of Film Classification but this was lowered to a 12A after producers agreed to make several cuts.

However, with concerns about the film’s adult themes growing, a BBFC insider has admitted that it remains a ‘borderline’ case for a 12A rating – which means children aged 12 and over can see it alone, while younger children can see it if accompanied by an adult.

Some parents claimed their children had been left so distressed by the film that they had to leave the cinema early.

One mother said: ‘The fact that you actually see kids killing other kids is something I would not want a 12-year-old to watch.’


Despite being aimed at young teenagers, The Hunger Games includes several disturbing scenes.

An especially brutal part of the 142-minute film depicts a bloodbath in which many of the young contestants die at the start of the games.

Later, a boy is mauled by a pack of mutated dogs before being shot in the head with an arrow to put him out of his misery.

Elsewhere, a girl of 12 is speared through her abdomen by a rival, while another scene features a teenage girl’s skull being smashed with a rock as she tries to slash the heroine’s throat.

One teenager snaps a younger boy’s neck before throwing his limp body on the floor.

Even Zygi Kamasa, chief executive of Lionsgate, the company behind the film, said he would not let his ten-year-old daughter watch the movie, which he admitted had a ‘lot of adult themes’ and ‘frightening and gory scenes’.

Geoffrey Beattie, professor of psychology at Manchester University, says watching teens killing each other will have a stronger effect on young people than adult battle scenes.

He said: ‘If you identify with the characters then it is going to seem more familiar and … the things that happen will feel more visceral and have a stronger emotional impact on you.

There is a danger that there is so much death or violence that teens become desensitised.’

Many have defended the film, insisting it reflects the difficult content of the Suzanne Collins book on which it is based.

But writing about the film on her website, best-selling author and paediatrician Dr Meg Meeker said: ‘Kids process images they construct in their minds from written words differently than they process large, hyper-real images on a screen.

‘During the preteen and teen years, children’s minds are mentally pliable. They are being hard-wired… So, when an image comes into a teen’s brain it melds into that wiring and sticks.’

The BBFC said it had received a small number of complaints from people who have seen the film.

The Hunger Games, which stars Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland, has grossed £5million in the UK in its opening weekend, twice as much as the opening instalment of another teen favourite, the Twilight Saga.

Anonymous said...

Hans said (March 21, 2012):

That sounds like a current training manual of the US-Army.

It is the blueprint of the NWO, the forthcoming "humanistic" society!

Rituals like the ones described carry a lot of "positive" effects for the perpetrators: these Children are traumatized for the rest of their lives, and prepared for further programming.

Satan (and his followers) love to torture children, as this is the ultimate insult towards God, their universal father.

There is however a "price tag" on hurting believers and children. Jesus Christ says in Matthew 18:6:

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

Rituals like the ones described carry a lot of "positive" effects for the perpetrators: these Children are traumatized for the rest of their lives, and prepared for further programming.

They will build future societies according to what they have experienced.

These books are literally pedophilia - as the human subconscious mind can not distinguish between fact and fiction - subconsciously the reader will experience and register
what they read as "real". That a government forces pupils to read such material in school is telling, and ties in with Alice Bailey's plan, to indoctrinate school children with "the mysteries".

Social Darwinism, the survival of the "fittest", (which translates into the promotion of the most vile and retarded), is already now coded as "liberalization", "deregulation" or "a society of opportunities".

If the scenario devised in the books will materialize, i have no doubt that after one or two generations, those who live in such a world will perceive the rituals and games as part of "freedom and democracy"!

Thy will not have to be forced. As they do not have to be forced now to go to other countries, where they are terrorizing and murdering innocents, all as part of a "war against murder and terror".

Already now the vast majority of society perceives sadistic cartoons (again children are being assaulted),
or movies full of blood and violence, as "entertainment".

Anonymous said...

Al Thompson said (March 20, 2012):

The luciferians don't seem to be withholding too much lately. My take on this and after watching people like this throughout my life is that a luciferian, freemason, politicians, and most religious leaders are just assholes and no one should be spending their money on this crap. I don't like to use the word asshole, but it's the only word that is foul enough to get the point across. The best thing to do it to stay away from it. This is profound mental abuse.

Lorna said (January 2, 2012):

I've read your site a few years and this article and subsequent comments has managed to shocked me.

We need to understand that underneath the spiritual plywood is an active world that is and has been operating in such a way that if we were to just lift it back and take a look we would all just scream.

I believe God gives us glimpses of the origin, nature and agenda of real, living radical evil and gives us some of the pre-emptive prophecies concerning what’s going to happen. I believe Jesus is trying to tell us all along that there is a gross, grotesque different world that operates in its own way and because we don’t want to touch it or look at it… I mean that world has to use deception of course to persuade humanity … that slide continues to manifest and break through.

Not only do we find that hundreds and thousands of people are open to its messages from multiple directions but now we are finding that MILLIONS are being led down that left hand initiation beginning with light level stuff that takes them down to the 8th 9th 10th 11th level initiations as far as one can go bringing them eventually to be able to understand luciferic worship and the commitment to that agenda along with a raging, unreasonable and unexplainable hatred of Christianity.

My advice would be: Memorise all of the Scripture you can.

Michele said (January 2, 2012):

"Children have been brought up on violent tales, such as fairy tales, but I don't remember having suffered nightmares as a result. The context of fairy tales is rather different and the morality of such tales is uppermost.

It seems to me that the slew of gory, graphic violence appearing in present-day "literature" aimed at pre-teens and teens has entered a new phase. The stark realism and dystopian view of the future is intended to make this view seem inevitable and in line with "evolution" even though it is a backwards step. More children are being subjected to and forced to read these books with many reports of severe disturbance of children as a result, either nightmares or personality disorders. Books such as Hunger Games, although defended by some as being anti-violence, are indeed promoting the Darwinian concept of the survival of the fittest. However much the defenders of these books try to claim that Katniss has some noble ideals and tries to save her compatriots it cannot escape the reader that if you are weak and powerless then you are fair game. Christian values of helping the weak and vulnerable, treating others as you would like to be treated, are side-lined or do not appear at all.

It is horrifying that the most vulnerable and malleable sections of our society - the children - are being trained in this way. You wonder at the "intelligence" of the teachers in promoting this stuff, but they have been brainwashed too by atheist communists."


Anonymous said...

Luther said (January 2, 2012):

In response to the article by Pamela Lanides on the trilogy by Suzanne Collins, the first film due out in March 2012 is "The Hunger Games". I watched the trailer on and was struck with an observation.

The popular books and films now like the "Twilight" series from Stephanie Meyer seem to have some things in common. There is always a popular 'clique' or predators that band together performing unique rituals (to them at least). There is also the special emphasis on a virgin's blood. Before it was stealing her virtue (virginity) but now it is drinking the blood! I was shocked to learn books like "The Hunger Games" and books in the trilogy are on the required lists in schools! This has gone way beyond the mysticism of J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter...

The worrying thing for many parents with "The Hunger Games" is the 'reality show' which has been satirized as early as Fahrenheit 451 in science fiction, and made most prominent in "The Running Man" (Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman). A Roman circus is outlined in the book, with selected children being the sacrificial prize (twelve boys compete against twelve girls in a fight to the death etc.), and the gruesomeness of that alone should give most people nightmares! There is something external guiding this trend to blood sport and occult rituals in teen oriented literature.

Scholastic Press has published books with a gruesome text in the children's section, so that does not surprise me. A while back I read "The Laughing Policemen" by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo originally published in the early 1970s, which told of gruesome shotgun murders on a public transport bus in Stockholm. It is a mystery set in 1967 in a country stereotyped as liberal and very non-violent. This seems pale by comparison to the books discussed above, but what a gimmick.

Parents need to know what their children now have become exposed to, and it will surely shock them. Now there are books such as "Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun: A History of Violence in America" by Geoffrey Canada. Canada was in the documentary "Waiting For Superman," attempting to describe realistically what is going on in the schools now. Still, most parents are in denial while continuing to wait for Superman to stop the bus loaded with their children that further careens out of control...

Anonymous said...

Richard said (January 2, 2012):

Look at plot similarity of this new film with that of Hunger Games.

Sol Synopsis
"Sol" is a sci-fi motion picture event set in the distant future on a hostile alien planet. It follows a group of ambitious young adults as they embark upon the prestigious Sol Invictus competition in a quest to win fame and glory. The rules of the game are simple but dire: each of Earth's finest Academies sends their best and brightest to a remote planet in a race against the rest. The first team to pinpoint, out of all the stars in the sky, which one is Earth's faraway sun -- Sol -- is the winner. But no one goes home until the games are won... A glorious life awaits the lucky few who win, and many have died at the hands of their peers along the way with no questions asked. But visions of victory crumble as the teams are marooned on the wrong planet with most of their teammates missing - along with all of their equipment. What starts as a game for glory soon descends into a race for survival as former enemies must band together in the bleak hope of surviving long enough to win.


Dan said (January 1, 2012):

Hunger Games' is predictive programming Think of those 'survivor' shows on television a few years ago.

All post Apocalyptic dystopia fiction concentrates technocrats in advanced centers surrounded by a no man's land populated with 'proles'.

I watched the trailer for the movie and it's an Illuminazi wet dream. The scenario is return to what the Druids had going on in Europe and Britain when Julius Caesar wrote about it in chapter 13 of Book 6 of his 'Gallic Wars' .

The Illuminazis will always need 'the profane' to use for human sacrifice and sick games.

'Hunger Games' also reminds of the 1924 short story by Richard Connell, 'The Most Dangerous Game'.

Anonymous said...

ps....whew! They are really giving this 'Hunger Games' shit the hard sell to the teen market. But listen......this is the next level of mainstreaming this Nietzschean Satanic world view that started with the 'Interview with the Vampire', and "the Immortal", and a decade of Buffy the Vampire slayer and spin-offs on television.....which dovetailed into the 'Survivor' 'reality TV shows a few years ago. Also goes to a plethora of 'zombie fighter' movies and video games.
I saw an interview with Suzanne Collins. Typical generational Illuminati 'girl next door'. They don't know this stuff isn't normal. She mentions being trained in sword fighting growing up.

Reminds me of Dr. Evil's chatting about his childhood in the Austin Powers movie

"Dr. Evil: The details of my life are quite inconsequential... very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a fifteen year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet....
My childhood was typical. Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring we'd make meat helmets. When I was insolent I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds- pretty standard really... "

PV said (December 31, 2011):

Hi Henry,

(left. author [Suzanne] Collins, generational satanist?)

Possibly? See:
"The Collins Bloodline":

Jim said (December 31, 2011):

Ugh...I just read the article by Pamela Lanides regarding the trilogy of books called The Hunger Games. The shock of what I just read has left me without words. What kind of sick and twisted mind conjures up these kinds of horrors against children? And Scholastic is the publisher? And there's a movie in the works? Is it any wonder why so many kids are messed up? This is just one more reason why parents should put their children in a religious private school or home school them.

Anonymous said...

OK so I see a lot of major flaws in this.the biggest one is that there are to many corrupt Christian god fearing minds posting there non-sense based off a dying religion.before you bash such a profound religion such as Satanism you must understand it.everyone here seems to be under the impression that all satanist worship Satan and kill babies, etc,etc.this is not true.this was something installed in your brains at a young age by your parents or any other figure you may admire.Satanism is the embrace of ones self.basically if you wanna commit sloth or gluttony or pride (or any other sin) do so.its your life and you should live it how you want.this is just satanism in a nutshell of far as the movie is conceded,how does it tie into Satanism exactly? It seems more to me to fit Christian it not Christianity that started wars against peaceful countries and shoved there religion down their throat? Was it not Christians that came to the Americas and committed mass genocide against the Indians? I could go on and on about this but it appears to me that before you judge someone and their religion,you should step back and just look at how fucked up and contradicting it is.

Anonymous said...

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After reading this article (and most of the comments for that matter), there is NO DOUBT in my mind that all of you are just as corrupt as the movement you are trying to expose. You have thoroughly proven yourself to be 100% intolerant and 100% ignorant.

Did it not once cross your narrow minds that the author of The Hunger Games depicted a futuristic world that she wanted to help PREVENT by reaching out to the younger generation of today and spreading awareness of what our world might become if we don't start acting appropriately? In Mockingjay, Katniss even mentions that the state of her world is the result of her forefathers (meaning the population of 2012) not giving a damn about anybody but themselves. Suzanne Collins is obviously AGAINST the New World Order, can you not friggin' comprehend this fact?

Also, you keep yacking about 'children killing each other' and how atrocious it is to portray something so vile and evil... HELLO??? It's already happening!!! Columbine, anyone? Ms. Collins is obviously not a wimp and chose to write a story with REAL-LIFE circumstances. She doesn't turn a blind eye like you all!

Also, don't twist the events of the book to stir fear into your readers. Not ALL past victors had to compete again in the Quarter Quell. Primrose wasn't 'burned alive' before her Katniss's eyes; she died instantly in an explosion. And on that note, you say it was because of 'another enemy'. I'm sorry to admit, but the author of THIS article and this 'other enemy' seem to have quite a few things in common.

Think outside the box! When you come across a story like this, don't see only what you want to see. Seriously... You know, your inner hatred is present all throughout this article. I'm sure Satan is very proud of you! (I'm sincere, not sarcrastic).

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the author of THIS article turned out to be a blood-thirsty vampire trying to enslave the world like President Snow. Next time you decide to write an article, write something uplifting. Stop stirring fear. Only Satan's people do that. Ok?

Anonymous said...

And my comment gets denied... COWARD!!!!!!!!!!

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