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Analysis of JAMES CAMERON’S “AVATAR” Part 2. PANDORA. : "The New World Order "WELCOME TO PANDORA'S OPEN BOX "-The Return of the Nephilim"

Analysis of JAMES CAMERON’S “AVATAR” Part 2.
Satan Plays the "Genetic Avatar Card"

The Illuminati Open Pandora's Box(!)
Part 2: Analysis of James Cameron's satanic Illuminati Movie “Avatar”
Reposted by request..

Welcome to the Nightmare of Ages Past...Welcome to the Return of the Nephilim, or genetically modified host humanoid abominations.

You will soon begin to discover to your absolute horror, that the movie “Avatar” doesn’t end when the screen credits roll up, oh no..Ya see, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Movie “Avatar” just begins when you step outside the movie theatre.

The movie Avatar follows you home, right into your living room, and then it just gets more surreal..
There is a saying, be careful what you wish for, or search for, because you just might find it. Well..just hold on to your seats, because it’s going to get faster from here on out, and I have a lot of ground we need to cover before we go searching for the following targets of interest.
As a Hacker, working with various alphabet soup organizations over the years, I have seen alot of what could be termed "strange shit"...Personally, I’ve probably seen more strange things in six months, than most people have actually seen in a lifetime, and let me tell you, those people are the lucky ones LOL
This is AHM, and we verify all collected data ourselves, because we can, it’s just that simple. 

Pandora's box is the blending of different species on the genetic level prompting the eventual genetic contamination of God`s Earthly Creations..
The verified Illuminati Satanist cult member, James Cameron, has actually named the Central Planet in his Movie AVATAR "PANDORA" -Which everyone knows by "Legend" that once it is opened, it cannot be closed again.
This is a very creepy Illuminati inspired symbolic message.
-It means that whatever course of action they (Illuminati) have started cannot be "undone"
What I’m serving up here is a tall cold glass of the "truth" -Hard, raw, researched, verified, cross verified, analyzed, and scrutinized by people who don’t wear tin foil hats, but just happened to have neutralized the organization known as “NAMBLA” in a 10 year war campaign that has saved the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of your children..
In other words, this is getting to the really “good part"..
Those who have followed my work over the years know that I just ‘spit it’ like it is.
So if there is something to say, I’m just going to come right out and say it..
This is how I like to run our business, and for the most part we have been successful in fighting our various war campaigns..
Now it's time to share these “Truths” with all the remaining "true HUMANS"concerned..
-Take a small look inside Pandora's Box, and see what these creatures are producing...
The Movie Avatar is celebrating a breakthrough in opening Pandora's genetic Box..
-So I’m giving the reader fair and advanced warning right now, because what I am going to put together for you here is going to require critical reasoning abilities, but I’m going to put this deeper analysis into a clear picture for all you cuddly sheeple, because all
-->people, as in the remaining "real" HUMANS amongst us, have the right to know about any significant changes, discoveries, and or anomalies associated with the continuation of the gene pool we refer to as the Human species.
WARNING: The information contained on this site will shake the core of all your belief systems. If you are prepared to watch and read it, do so with extreme caution. You and the world will never be the same again as history itself collapses before your eyes.
Examine this for yourselves:
There is something funny going on over at a News Station called "FOX Television Networks" -It seems they have problems with some of their shape shifting lizard-like "Avatars"

LOOK AT THIS CREATURE(!) Although no fault of its own, it still represents a grave danger to everything we stand for as Humans. We got the jump on this situation only until they announce "Disclosure"
-Afterwards they will kick the propaganda machine into overdrive to mold public perception into what they want them to believe, which is that "benevolent space brothers" have travelled all the way to earth to save mankind from himself...a great deception...OPEN YOUR EYES
These Human/Animal blended DNA abominations are already here..
For all intents and purposes, these AVATARS are amongst us today(!)
The "creature" in the above video had to RUN off camera once the field maintaining his human form started to break down, showing his true reptoid features. Just incredible..

I have just watched a man(?) shift into what can only be described as a really ugly LIZARD..which talked, rolled its eyes back in its head, turned green at the neck, grew a snout(!) where its nose used to be, or should have been, then run away like a little bitch when it realized its deception was no longer holding water.
I mean wow..look at what they've done(!)
These creatures are unacceptable abominations which God will eliminate from our gene pool one way or the other.

It's a sad day when you fully understand the implications involved in what you have just witnessed.

There are verified genetic Human-Animal blended abominations roaming our earth, several of which are employed(!) at news stations..the military, and God knows where else.

I mean, this Lizard seems like a friendly reptile, albeit a cowardly creature.. -which should be put down like a sick animal before it contaminates the gene pool of Humanity, and that's just a sad hard fact..

That will be up to the Lord to discern, since this scourge is simply uncontrollable now

And if those days had not been cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the elect those days shall be cut short.
Matthew 24:22
This is the situation the Illuminati have created for our world...

Lizard man just owned himself on a live tel-evil-sion camera, yet the mainstream news has not picked up on this obvious news story of the century. They are obviously part of it in some capacity.

Every 'Laddy'-Gaga-Fan and their mom will believe that these lizard abominations are our "Space Brethren" come to give us new technology, and warn of us of a bogus "Alien attack"
This present world society is being blinded to these truths..

They are of the "JUST DANCE! generation" that is being heavily manipulated and brainwashed through satanic based music, culture, and the dummying-down of society through garbage food, garbage news, garbage music, garbage public education system, and garbage political leadership.

-But the most important weapon Humans have against the coming disasters is being slowly but surely eliminated, which is the knowledge of the Lord, and His Son Christ Jesus.
-Without this protection, mankind will be destroyed, and continue to fall into the trap being placed before them.
Oh yes, this is not an accident, as they would have you believe.

This was just a small demonstration if you will, of what we really have lurking amongst us in our society today.
Notice how the abomination in the above video had to run off camera once (IT) realized the "Shapeshift had begun??
This was done on purpose.These people have been exposed.

Check this out: This "creature" used to be the head of the Dept of Deutschland Security, Michael Chertoff.
Mr. Chertoff seems to be having the same problems with these reptile features as well.

Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security Secretary 2005 - 2009

There are Lizard like shapeshifting creatures...Man-Made DNA modified abominations masquerading around as humans in very important positons it seems. This is not an accident, there is a significant movement going on here. We are not being kept informed as to what is really going on here, but it is becoming more and more obvious to the casual observer that these abominations exist, and we are getting closer to some sort of official acknowledgement from the Government.
This coming acknowledgement, and "false claim" of extra-terrestrial life has already been coined: "DISCLOSURE"
They are gearing up to tell the general public that we are not alone in the Universe. They will try to convince mankind that these Lizard abominations are from the far reaches of outer space...our "Space Brothers" Pfft..
-Except that will be one of the greatest deceptions of all time, since they are really just genetically modified Human-Animal DNA created abominations, which were made right here on Earth for years in vast Government run underground facilites..

What you have just witnessed, was a real-life shapeshifting abomination of a Man with Reptoid DNA merged into his system at the genetic level. These abominations are amongst us today(!)
The movie "AVATAR" was acting almost like a giant T.V. commercial of sorts to eventually introduce the existence of these cross genetic "Alien like creatures" to our society in the form of what they term "DISCLOSURE"

It will be a false report of " Alien Life" here to save us from ourselves, or something to that effect.
-A complete and utter deception of massive proportions is coming, and people had better wake up.
What you have just witnessed, if you have read this report since Part 1. of this study, was the real life XO-GENESIS of James Cameron's satanic Avatar vision.
We can say these creatures exist, and that they are dwelling amongst us today in some capacity of another. Are they also breeding with unaffected "Humans" and contaminating the main pool?
-This is Humanity's 6.5 billion dollar question, isn't it?
I mean wow..If this breeding has begun, then the countdown is truly on..
James Cameron named the Planet in his movie "PANDORA" and now we know why, because once these transgenic nitemares are out of the box, and into our gene pool, it's OVER.

These people know there will be no way to put this Genie back in the box, especially if they have been released into our society, and are performing jobs, mating, breeding, living "Human" lives etc...

This disclosure when it comes is designed to spread widespread panic, as it will amongst the uninformed masses..think about it..

The Illuminati will use this panic stage to implement even further restrictive "security laws" among the population to further tighten the prison grid closing in around the world at this very moment.
In order to contain this scourge, every single one of these abominations would have to be contained, but since these so called "scientists" are practicing this all over the world in underground secret labs, we get what is called "The Pandora effect"
-This cross genetic scourge cannot be contained sufficiently to eradicate the threat of core Human gene pool contamination.

We would have had to immediately destroy these soulless abominations before they were allowed to possibly breed and then contaminate our Human gene pool. It's too late for that now..
-Now only God can do that..Pandora's box has been opened..
The Illuminati synthesis or solution to their "created alien" will be one of containment.

The Illuminati plan will naturally be one of containment.
-In order to actually prevent the contamination of the original Human gene pool the Illuminati will initiate further draconian "security laws upon the Public.

The Public would theoretically be expected by their "Illuminati puppet masters" to locate and verifiy ALL Humans as to their "authenticity" which of course would require micro-chipping and DNA sampling..

Do you see where this is headed here? Do you see where this is going here?
They are planning to use the "Aliens amongst us" deception to tighten the reign of tyranny upon the General population, just in case you thought the patriot act was bad...everyone will be considered a potential terrorist soon enough...
Think ahead. We already know these creatures are amongst us. They are here for a reason. It is part of their (Illuminati) agenda, and that is the enslavement of the entire planet, by World War, and or famine.
Disclosure is coming, it is now just a question of WHEN. Don't let them deceive you. The only aliens that exist are the ones in power trying to enslave our world under a One World satanic Dictatorship called the 'New World Order'
Complete with bogus "alien encounters, and high tech wizardry to fool the sheeple once again, just as they did with the bogus Apollo moon landings *Looking down at feet shaking head*
ALERT! Two Genetic Abominations Talking about Placing Microchips on TROOPS(!)

Now if this isn't scary I don't know what is.

Since when do these "Lizard shapeshifters" have such concern over the locations of fighting men and women that are supposed to be protecting the country from such an infestation??
-The very infestation of this genetic technology gone wild..They are preparing for something big..
This is what I mean about people sleeping, and being asleep while these things are running loose threatening to CONTAMINATE our central gene pool..
These last two abominations had something very peculiar in common, they were both involved in discussions pertaining to the microchipping of Soldiers on the battlefield.
In our world, a move like that would be considered an infiltration by enemy forces.
These creatures are both part of "News" stations promoting the microchipping of TROOPS(!)
As a soldier I would be very interested to know why "soulless creatures" are concerned about my Location on the battlefield. This is INCREDIBLE..can you imagine?
It sounds like a grocery store tabloid magazine heading.. -But under these circumstances it's just not that funny..
This is the biggest threat to global security since the development of nuclear weapons.
Alien Hybrid Chimerian shapeshifters were lobbying for microchipping troops..can you IMAGINE?
If asked to accept a suicidal tracking chip, I would first like to see Brian Todd's chip and DNA test myself..or maybe the other Lizard's chip implant for tracking.

Here is the original video tape from the CNN transcript..

This is proof that these creatures are part of an organized propaganda campaign

These creatures are amongst us, and we had better acknowledge that fact before it suddenly springs upon us.
If this were allowed to continue, it wouldn't be long before the entire Human species is corrupted, and no flesh would survive such contamination on the genetic level..natural bio reproduction would eventually wither away until nothing at all reproduced, but don't tell that to these scientists..they are too busy playing god to notice..
BTW..I hope everyone has had a good Holiday let's get back to the work at hand :)
Digging for the remains of the ancient demonic Hybrid giants called the Nephilim.
“But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. “For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark,”
Matt. 24:37-38

The effect of man’s sexual immorality was staggering since it altered the race. The offspring of this union between human females and the fallen angelic beings were physical giants. These children were not fully human. They grew enormous in stature with great intellects and were called “men of renown.”

This cohabitation between humans and the spiritual beings was not isolated to a few individuals but became widespread throughout the earth. (Link)

The Illuminati have brought these abominations back, and this is the Pandora they have opened on this earth.
This search for TRUTH has led us, and those with the courage to follow us, to where we find ourselves today..examining a Movie, of all things...go figure.
-How ironic..from tracking rogue shadow-government child rapists, to quickly running reviews on some satanic movie.. but like I've said before, 'I don't make the rules, I just follow the tracks..
Dr. Scott Johnson discusses Animal/Human DNA blended abominations being "created" in disguise of "science"
X-tra-Intelligent lizard-like Human/Animal Chimeras may want to form their very own Constitution, and demand their very own Health Coverage.. with benefits.
These man made lizard abominations may even demand that we Humans release all pet reptiles, as a 'Civil Rights' issue.. -rikijo 2010
This is part 2 of a seven part dissection with Part 7 in progress..See the entire dissection:

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.
Part 6.

Work always in progress..

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PHASE V OPERATION MARA`S KISS -The Satanic Pyramids and the Nephilim, Fallen Angels Part. 1

-Connecting the Dots
-The Satanic Pyramids and the Nephilim -
Part 1.
The Great Satanic Pyramid of the Giza Plateau, Egypt.(Click to enlarge)
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Genesis 6:4
People often wonder..What are the Giza Pyramids for, what was the purpose of their construction, their magnificence, breathtaking presence, and exactly who built them??
Once again, I'm giving the reader fair and advanced warning right now, because what I am putting together for you here is going to require critical reasoning abilities, but I'm going to put this deeper analysis into a clear picture for all you cuddly sheeple, because all people, have a right to know about any and all information, or deceptions, that may affect our future.

Now it's time to show people how these ancient satanic Nephilim Pyramid structures relate to the coming Satanic
Illuminati 'New World Order' dictatorship.
First, let's examine some of the incredible supernatural features of the Great Pyramid of Giza:

Giza is a city in Egypt, located on the west bank of the Nile. It is the third largest city in the country after the Cairo and Alexandria, the metropolis that borders directly with Cairo, the administrative center of Giza

Each year millions of tourists arrive in Cairo to see the one of the Seven Wonders of the World –

It is believed that these pyramids were built before more than 4,5 thousand years and served on the Egyptian tombs of Pharaohs.
And until now, however, researchers disagree on their exact age and purpose. In the scientific world is constantly emerge and new hypotheses the manner in which they were built massive pyramids.(!)

So..Exactly what is a Pyramid??

Throughout history people have been deceived into believing that the ancient Giza Pyramids from Egypt were constructed as burial tombs for their ancient Pharaoh
Kings, but that is an outright lie.
These ancient Pyramids may have been used at a much later date as buria
l chambers for a few of them, but these Great Pyramids were constructed many thousands of years before the rule of any of the ancient Egyptian kings.
With its 481 feet (146.59 meters) the Great Pyramid
was the tallest building in the world until the 19th century.

Ancient Egyptian mummified remains of the Satanic Pharaohs of times past.

To put it quite simply, these ancient Great Pyramids were structures/systems of 'Global CONTROL', based on elements of false Satanic worship, which were constructed by the half-angelic Nephilim Hybrid Giants of Biblical scripture
In essence..This is what a Pyramid is: "A system of demonic control, and worship"

The Great Pyramid of Giza consists of circa 2.3 million stone blocks weighing around 2.5 tons each(!). Some of the blocks weigh up to 50 tons. -Yet despite the vast amount of blocks used, and the incredible weights involved, the mathematical accuracy of the layout of the building is breathtaking. Other such puzzling buildings scattered around the world pose the same questions.

Who built them? How did they acquire such mathematical and astronomical knowledge? And what advanced technology did they use in the construction?

To simply say "The Egyptians built them," is not a satisfactory answer. For if man began at the stone age, progressed to the bronze and then to the iron age, then we have the oldest Pyramids popping up somewhere between the stone age and the bronze age. This is akin to saying that at some point in time past, man invented the wheel. Sometime later, another made a cart. But in between the wheel and the cart we find a brand new Mercedes! This is a realistic comparison when considering the construction of the Pyramids.(!)
Despite all the recent books written about them, the Pyramids remain a conundrum wrapped in an enigma and surrounded by a paradox..
-Patrick C. Heron

As you will soon see, by the supernatural construction of these ancient Pyramid super-structures, tells us much about how our world is being run today, and by examining these ancient megalithic Pyramids from Giza ,and elsewhere, we will be able to gain further insight into what direction this world is headed, concerning the coming 'New World Order' satanic dictatorship...because, Ladies and Gentlemen, history never changes, it merely just repeats itself.

These ancient Great Pyramids are a blasphemous "Control apparatus" that guarantees the slavery of all those who subscribe to its unrelenting evil structure.
To summarize, I will just say that "A Pyramid is a system of control"

These satanic Pyramids were constructed by demonic Nephilim abominations, as a false earthly representation of God's Heavenly Establishment, and Rule. -A counterfeit and arrogant representation by Satan himself, to try to emulate the Rule of the true Lord Yahweh (Jehovah) on this Earth.
-All due to the fact that satan wanted to be worshipped like God, and his pride and evil arrogance led to his Fall from the Heavens..
The arrogant pride of these monstrous Pyramid super-structures shows us much about Satan's character.

These ancient antedilluvian pre-flood Giza pyramids were constructed by the Nephilim demonic forces eager to be served by mankind, who they slaughtered, and pillaged before the great flood of Noah's day.


Archaeologists uncover remains of "Giants" known in the Bible as the
I will explain to you people right now, that these ancient pyramids were constructed by the Nephilim of Biblical scripture, for the sole purpose of being worshipped like (g)ods whch these early antediluvian human pre flood inhabitants thought that they were.

Who or what built these ancient Pyramids?
One thing that's for sure, is that the native and primitive early Egyptians did not construct these colossal Pyramid structures, as a matter of fact, these Pyramid structures have nothing to do with true human Egyptians whatsoever, except for their physical location, and the worship of Satan, the 'sun God' (link) of the ancient Egyptian Kings, and
their satanic priests. These ancient Pharaoh Kings were worshipped like (g)ods by their subjects in ignorance and fear, just like the Illuminati Satanic order wishes to impose on our modern society of today. Like the ancient Egyptian priests, the Illuminati worship Lucifer, the very same sun (g)od at the top of the satanic pyramid structure of earth's control to this day.


Here you can see from this ancient stone relief Egyptian Priests and servants worshipping the sun-(g)od Lucifer/Satan. This satanic religion was spread throughout the world from ancient Babylon directly from the fallen angels, who took the form of men to have sexual relations with women (Genesis 6)

These demonic abominations wanted to be worshipped like (g)ods, so they taught their human subjects at the time all manner of false worship, and evil human blood sacrifices. -Which are a universal theme with all satanic sun-worship. From the Egyptians, to the Mayans, to the Aztecs, Human sacrifice, and blood rituals is a common practice with satanism, and its Pyramid

A stone relief depicting the ancient Nephilim Biblical leader 'Nimrod'and his pride as he ascended his tower of 'Babel'
****Notice the Pyramid shaped structure with the Sun god "Lucifer"(Satan) at the top.
-Does that not look familiar to you?? -It should..

Here it is again below:

Here you can see the Satanic Illuminati Pyramid of Satanic sun-(g)od worship (Link)
The Illuminati are merely Satan/Lucifer worshipping slaves of the old Nimrodian Pyramid and sun-worship of the ancient demonic Nephilim abominations..
The Egyptian All seeing eye of Satan/Lucifer..Are you starting to see a pattern here?
The modern day Illuminati Satanists are merely following the time old worship of Satan/Lucifer, the very same 'sun(g)od' of the ancient Egyptian Priests, and an antiquated form of true satanic
worship, which has a very methodical Pyramid structure of hierarchy, but at the top is always Satan...for Lucifer/Satan is known to them as the 'sun(god)-of-the-morning'.

Just as the ancient Egyptian Pharohs/Kings were worshipping these demonic forces, so are the present kings or world leaders following the ancient form of pyramid sun(g)od worship, which makes up the cornerstone of the satanic Illuminati system of demonic worship, and evil global governance..
-This will become more, and more apparent as time goes on.

You will soon begin to discover for yourselves, that the Illuminati are not very creative, only deceptive, as their totally evil, and child-like plans are following the same ignorant agenda, which has previously led to global destruction from the ancient deluge known as the flood of Noah's day, and even more recently with World War II, and Hitler's very same Illuminati dream of a New World satanic Order. History is again repeating with the current plans for a 'New World Order'

These satanists are all on the same team, with the same satanic socialistic Nazi world domination ideology from which they are following directly from their modern worship of satan, and the very same worship of the demonic forces that created the Great Pyramids of the pre-flood antediluvian era. In other words, history is just repeating on a grand scale, and people had better wake up(!)
Their time on earth is running out, and as such, you will begin to notice an acceleration of their plans for forming their New World Order global satanic dictatorship, which God Himself has told them will end in the fires of hell, and complete and utter destruction.
-Yet these Illuminati satanists incredibly continue to defy all logic, and continue to forment their satanic pyramid, and NWO plans with mind-numbing ignorance.

-Concerning the Illuminati satanists "gathering" for their blasphemous, Global New World Order, God Himself mocks them, and laughs at their blasphemous and ignorant plans:

Why do the nations gather together? Why do their people devise useless plots?
The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the LORD and against his Anointed One
Psalm 2:1-2

The Illuminati happen to believe that Satan will WIN(!) this time around..once they complete their apocalyptic sacrificial pyramid called the 'New World Order', in which the Illuminati will find to their absolute horror, a complete destruction of everything they thought they were planning for.
Incredible but TRUE(!)

The coming satanic Illuminati New World Order is destined to end in complete and utter destruction, by the fires of God's wrath. This has already been documented and written in the Word of God's Law, The Holy Bible.
I want you people to see and understand why no-man, without divine-like supernatural
powers and knowledge, could have constructed these great megalithic structures.
This is one of the most interesting and disturbing puzzles that we humans had better learn the truth about, because primitive human hands did
not construct these monstrous Pyramid structures, and logic dictates that whomever or whatever constructed these imposing megalithic structures are still in existence today in some capacity or another.
People had better wake up , because, as you will soon discover, these pyramid builders have never really left..

We have been lied to as a civilisation concerning the true origins of many ancient megalithic historical ruins, but there's no need to worry, because the truth always comes to the surface, all you really have to do is put these obvious pieces together.
Examine the amazing following video for yourselves..Ask yourselves if you are starting to understand the implications here. Historians have lied to us concerning the construction of these megalithic structures, and we need to know why..
JUST INCREDIBLE(!) Historians would have us believe that primitive ancients armed with meagre stone cutting tools and ropes built these mathematical masterpieces of construction and astronomically advanced design.

This is what they want us to believe..which is that primitive Human Egyptians armed with ropes and primitive stone cutting instruments carved out and constructed these ancient Pyramid structures with their bare hands, and then lifted these quarried 4 ton blocks for miles, then set each and every one of the 2.5 million 4 ton stones in mathematical precision in less than 100 years(!)
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is simply just impossible, and we humans for all our new technology could not even duplicate the building of these Great Pyramids to this day(!)


Here you can see a representation of the immense size to human scale of these 4 ton Pyramid blocks of stone..

There is not an Engineering firm on this planet today that could even come close to matching the mathematical and geometrical precision required to even keep these monstrous structures from sinking into the very earth at their foundations..
When studying these ancient Giza Pyramids from distance one does not really understand the breadth, scope, and the enormity of these mind numbing structures. Only when examined up close do you begin to appreciate these impossible structures, and the fearsome dimensions of their construction.
Just enlarge this photo below to appreciate the size of this vertical sea of stone..When doing so, just remember that each one of these stones weighs 3-4 TONS(!)



This ancient form of satanic pyramid and sun-worship, which always includes Human sacrifice, and satanic barbaric rituals, gave these ancient Egyptian Kings the powers to be worshipped like (g)ods by their subjects which they had deceived, and used merely as slaves, just as the Illuminati of today are attempting to enslave this current world's population under the satanic pyramid structure of a New World Order satanic dictatorship. Examine the costumes used by these satanic ancient Egyptian sun(g)od priests..then examine Illuminati cult satanist, and child sacrifice practitioner, Aliester Crowley..

Here you can see the obvious similarities between that of the ancient Lucifer worshipping Egyptian priests of ancient times, with that of former Illuminati high priest, Aliester Crowley. This similarity is not an accident, as these practices have been meticulously copied from ancient Egypt by the letter by the modern Illuminati.


Here you can see the basic all controlling pyramid structure of the Illuminati satanists..

These same satanic rituals/practices are being practiced today Globally by the Kings of this Earth, and this satanic system makes up the cornerstone of th
e satanic Illuminati pyramid.
Through this study, you will begin to understand that the present day global Illuminati pyramid power structure is really not that complicated at all..just secretive. -Fortunately, God has already given us the information nescessary to interpret this ancient and evil power system, and all its inherent flaws, and deceptive trappings.

You will soon begin to discover that this entire satanic Illuminati power system is truly basic, and flawed, due to the fact that its leader, Satan, has already been defeated, and is merely awaiting his judgement as a virtual prisoner within this Earth's realm.
-Knowing this, we can now extrapolate this entire satanic pyramid system, and show you how and why these Illuminati satanists are headed towards their own destruction, along with those who follow them into their coming sata
nic 'New World Order' agenda. -An agenda in direct opposition to God's Laws and Leadership over all Creation..

These Illuminati satanists, masonic luciferians, NWO globalists, new age luciferic/satanic practitioners..etc are all being deceived by satan himself, and after learning how they are being manipulated, one can only hope that maybe even some of those people, will really be enlightened as it were, and return to their senses, before the True Lord Christ Jesus returns to execute judgements upon this Earth on behalf of His God, our Lord, the Lord of creation itself, Jehovah of Armies.


I saw heaven standing open. There was a white horse, and its rider is named Faithful and True. With integrity he judges and wages war

Revelation 19:11

God is coming to reclaim His Earth, and these Illuminati satanists/world leaders, have been deceived by the worship, and seduction of Satan and his demonic forces, into believing that they can thwart this inevitable occurance, and they hope to actually fight against the Lord Christ Jesus at His Return to this Earth. Incredible but true..Can you imagine??

To the Illuminati, just tell them..say it to them like so:

'Any true Warrior would know when, and when not, to choose his Battles..When, and when not to fight His wars..-And any true King could discern how best to defend His Country, or Kingdom..'
Not one single ruler in power
today has the mettle to be a King/President/Priminister etc.
-They are simply just not qualified to lead ANYONE, or anything.. They are being deceived by satan themselves..
The present rulers/leaders of this Earth are weak "
impostor Kings" and the most pitiful rulers of any age, at any time in history..period.
They are being deceived, and in turn, deceiving, and leading this world into direct confrontation with God, Jehovah, Lord of Hosts..The True King of Creation itself, and His Son, Christ Jesus.


Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to make war against the rider on the horse and his army

Revelation 19:19

This coming War/battle of Armageddon is God's War, and will be the most unwise battle for any humans to engage the History of creation..period.

These current so-called world leaders are actually planning to physically fight against the Lord Jesus at His return to His God's own Earth(!)
This Earth is being prepared at this very moment for the fires of judgment that await these rebellious Illuminati satanists, with all of their deceived New Age followers, and participants..


After saying the world in Noah’s day suffered destruction, the Bible account continues:

“By the same word the heavens and the earth that are now are stored
up for fire.”
2 Peter 3:7)


But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark,

And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Matthew 24:37-39.


Fortunately, for those with Faith in Jesus Christ ..those who keep his commandments, they will not have to partake in this coming apocalyptic course of action, and the grave mortal consequences coming along with it.

Take a look at more Satanic sun-worship and ancient Nephilim abominations...


Here you can see the ancient Babylonian practice of sun-worship to their (g)od Lucifer/Satan.
Notice the size of the Nephilim-like seated figure? -Notice its size in comparison to the smaller human looking figures? Notice the "creature" sitting behind the sun-deity is a giant entity to the right?
This is just more proof of the ancient existence of these once powerful half-angel, half human Nephilim abominations, which demanded to be worshipped like (g)ods in the antediluvian pre-flood era.
-In similar fashion, today's Illuminati satanists picture themselves as the (g)ods and true rulers over this earth.

-In other words, the Great Pyramids located at the Giza Plateau in Eqypt are of advanced ancient Demonic origin, and are part of the Nephilim creations of the ancient antidiluvian pre-flood era.
God did not construct these obviously non-human made advanced angelic structures.

In the Biblical narrative of Genesis Chapter 6, we are told of the 'Sons of God' who forsook their places in the Heavens, and came to Earth to have sexual relations with the Daughters of Men, which then produced a Hybrid race of Giants, with incredible strength, superior intellects, intelligence, and possessing angelic powers, similar to that of their fallen Angelic ancestors.
These ancient blasphemous
Human/Angel unions produced hybrid blended abominations which were known as the Nephilim of Biblical scripture.

These Nephilim abominations were then worshipped as (g)ods by the early Humans of that ancient and violence plauged antediluvian pre-flood era, due to their superior Angelic powers amazing abilities. The Bible describes these Nephilim beings as the Legends of Old, and the Men of Fame, due to their incredible exploits, and super human abilities.

Most people are familiar with the incredible structures in Eqypt known as the Great Pyramids, but the real History of their origin has been carefully hidden from the general public, by interests that wish to keep the real History of these ancient Pyramids a secret..just as secret as the one they are constructing today, namely the Satanic Illuminati Pyramid Structure.

Through this study you will soon begin to discover that the same demonic abominations which constructed the Early satanic pyramids of Egypt are the same demons which have instructed, and are instructing these current world leaders in the satanic black arts of domination and control, because that is exactly what a pyramid is. A Pyramid is an ancient system of CONTROL..period.
This ancient Pyramid control system and satanic worship is still being followed to this very day, in its 'modern format' by those who call themselves enlightened ones, or the 'Illuminati'

This pyramid control apparatus is the very same, as it incorporates the very same elements that give this evil Illuminati Pyramid structure its real power, which is the wholesale worship of Satan, and his fallen angels known as demons.

Examine this video:

Work in progress...stand by for part II