Monday, October 26, 2009

Breaking News: "New World Order" -Warning-Barack Obama Declares State of Emergency to Evil "Man-made" H1N1 Pandemic

"New World Order" Warning
Barack Obama Declares State of Emergency to "Man-made" H1N1 Swine Flu
 Bogus Swine Flu National Emergency In The U.S.

Barack Obama: Executive U.S. "Health Leader"

Article Date: 26 Oct 2009 - 0:00 PDT

Last Friday, President Obama of the United States signed a national state of emergency declaration for H1N1 swine flu which allows healthcare systems to implement disaster plans in a fast-track way should normal capacity not be enough to deal with surges in demand for healthcare as a result of extra pandemic cases.

The term "emergency declaration" triggers visions of people grabbing overflowing suitcases and rushing into streets teeming with traffic and trying to leave town in Hollywood-style disaster movie fashion. However, that is not what is happening and most Americans will probably hardly notice the effect of the declaration as they go about their day to day lives today.

But for health authorities, hospitals, healthcare institutions, public and private health organizations, who even before swine flu broke out in the spring, have been making plans for how to deal with pandemic flu should normal capacity become overwhelmed, the declaration now clears the way for those plans to have a fast track route to implementation.

Former head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr Richard Besser explained that in essence this measure gives hospitals the freedom and flexibility to do whatever they need to treat the pandemic flu like an emergency.

""This declaration really changes the playing fields for hospitals; they've been doing planning for disasters. Now they can implement those plans," he told ABC News.

Nicole Lurie, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response said people should not panic about this. She told ABC News that:

"This is just another really proactive step that we are trying to take so that everybody is prepared as they can be."

"This whole thing isn't about the fact that things are worse now," said Lurie. "It's really about hospitals being able to be prepared in case they get worse."

Specifically the state of emergency, once declared, gives healthcare facilities the legal power to submit waivers to establish care sites, modified patient triage protocols, transfer patients, and take outer measures to fast track and fully implement disaster operation plans.

For example, if a hospital becomes overwhelmed with pandemic flu cases it can submit a "1135 waiver" and ask for the local school to close and be converted into a temporary "field hospital".

For such "1135 waivers" to be legal, two things must be in place: the Secretary for HHS must have declared a Public Health Emergency (this has been in place since the spring), and the "President must have declared a national emergency either through a Stafford Act Declaration or National Emergencies Act Declaration", as explained in a White House Blog entry posted on Sunday.

The requirements that may be waived also include those related to Medicare, Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

This is not the first occasion in recent times where 1135 waivers have been authorized, for example they were used to fast track emergency plans to deal with Hurricanes Katrina in 2005, and Ike and Gustav in 2008, and even the 56th Presidential Inauguration earlier this year.

However, this is the first time that a US President has declared a national emergency explicitly because of an infectious disease since the presidential power of emergency was created in 1976.

Sources: The White House blog, ABC News.
Written by: Catharine Paddock, PhD

Warning! H1N1 is a 'Man-made virus' specifically designed to eliminate by genocide specific population centers around the world. This man-made H1n1 disease could be a catalyst for implementing "Martial Law" and forced vaccinations upon population centers.

I would strongly suggest that anyone considering taking this H1N1 vaccine watch this video first.

-Watch this video and get all the information you need concerning this farce called H1N1 which all of a sudden appeared on the world scene.
Examine the "New World Order" template for elimination of vast population centers.

Examine the evil "New World Order" anti-human companies involved with the coming planned poisoning and genocide of Humans through man-made global diseases.

I would suggest that anyone considering taking this H1N1 vaccine watch this video first.

Wake up people! This is just another example of the treachery at work which is the New World Order.

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