Monday, May 10, 2010

OPERATION MARA'S KISS: UPDATE- The "Greece Economic Crisis" **MONDAY**The Satanic IMF Takes Control Of Greece.

UPDATE- The Greek Economic Crisis

The IMF/ Illuminati Make their move to Enslave Greece to Economic Serfdom.

You Have Already Been Warned..Now Watch for Yourselves:

Quote: "Greece needs to persevere {suffer} to ensure continued international support." IMF(!)

Greek Prime Minister, and Illuminati Satanist, George Papandreou, sells Greece to the EU and IMF, concluding the elimination of Greek sovereignty.

The Illuminati Welcomes Greece into the "New World Order"

-A riot policeman falls after being hit with a molotov cocktail near the Greek parliament in Athens.

Dow Jones News:

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- The risks to the Greek bailout program are high and the nation must be prepared to persevere through economic reform to ensure continued financing, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said late Monday.
The IMF Sunday approved a EUR30 billion credit line for Greece as part of a joint IMF/European Union EUR110 billion package designed to help Athens pay off its ballooning public debts and stem contagion into other eurozone countries.
"The adjustment needs are unprecedented and will take time, so fatigue could set in," the IMF report on the loan said. "Any unforeseen shock could weigh on the economy and the banking system even if the fiscal program is on track." (!)
"Greece needs to persevere to ensure continued international support," the IMF added.

While the loans will help Greece pay its bills without having to borrow from private markets at higher interest rates for 18 months, Greece is required to make tough economic reforms. Through targeted measures to cut spending on pensions and wages, consolidate government, sell off public assets and raise taxes and revenue collection discipline, Greece aims to trim its budget deficit from a record 13.6% of GDP last year to 8.1% this year, and below an EU ceiling of 3% by the end of 2014.
The IMF said although Greece's debt was expected to bloat to 150% of gross domestic product from 115% of GDP in 2009 before receding in 2014, that increase was sustainable over the medium term.
But, it warned, "the significant uncertainties around this make it difficult to state categorically that this is the case with a high probability."

Eurostat may revise upwards that estimated debt to GDP ratio by five to seven percentage points, the IMF said. Furthermore, the fund said debt dynamics may "significantly worsen under weaker economic growth, lower inflation, or higher real interest rates, in particular after the program period when gross market financing needs increase significantly."
In the face of those uncertainties, the IMF said the high risk of international systemic spillover into other countries justified the loan program.
-By Ian Talley, Dow Jones Newswires, 202-862-9285;
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May 10, 2010 22:13 ET (02:13 GMT)

Watch Europe's most intelligent "German Rap Video"
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-it's too late for that now..Now It's time to wake up..

-This has only just begun with Greece..Portugal, Spain, and more are next..

Watch this planned satanic IMF/EU economic takeover unfold for yourselves...

You have been warned..

Stand by for updates...

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