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PAHSE V OPERATION MARA'S KISS: Examination of the Coming "New World Order" Dictatorship -Connecting the Dots-


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Ephesians 6:12


Illuminati symbolism of  the"All-seeing eye of Satan"

'Devy Kidd' EXPOSES "Council On Foreign Relations"(CFR) -THE SECRET AGENDA OF U.S. DICTATORSHIP


These are dangerous times we are living in. People are perplexed concerning the direction the world is headed in, and the confusion surrounding the economic crisis currently underway while the nations of the world prepare for a coming "New World Order"
These problems have a solution, but they also have a catalyst, and the catalyst for all these problems have been carefully, and intentionally hidden.

There is a group of people in Global Power called the "Elite" who consider themselves New World Order "Globalists"

These NWO "Globalists" consider themselves to be superior to 'other humans' because they are the ruling class, and the champions of industry.
These people have a religion, and that religion is satanism.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is a member of this "global elite", which insists that "people" are a 'PROBLEM' on this earth, and the populations of our planet must be substantially reduced in order for mankind to survive(!)

This mindset is the main cipher for solving the entire satanic "New World Order" ideology. You will be able to spot these evil creatures by their warped satanic anti-human views.

In the religion of satanism, chaos equals order, death equals life, and everything good is detrimental. Everything is opposite and contrary to common sense.

In other words, Bill Gates and his group of NWO Globalists, have a massive modern day extermination plan in their Globalist agenda..a global depopulation agenda.

These Satanic/Luciferian elitists believe that SATAN is the one true god on earth, and they worship and serve Satan in a trickle-down pyramid structure from which they get their plans for global enslavement.

Their plan for the complete destruction of the United States of America is based on the fact that the 'global elites' know that the freedom loving U.S. citizens are the main obstacle for implementing their plans for global totalitarian rule.

So the elite have targetted the U.S. for collapse economically, morally, and by diseases and starvation.

These barbaric plans have been in  the works for over 100 years. It is only recently in the 20th century with the technology age have their plans moved forward at incredible speed.

To really understand this Illuminati pyramid and global system/scheme for enslavement, you have to understand the people who are leading this effort, and who have been leading it for years, but first, let's examine the question of what Countries would actually submit to a global system which would essentially decimate its own population and then replace it with a system based on state controlled slavery:

Hitler's bid for a "New World Order"

The German Dictator Adolf Hitler was a "Globalist" who was funded by "Prescott Bush" the Grandfather of the last U.S. President George Bush.
Here is an excerpt from Hitler's own book concerning his views for a "New World Order"

by Adolf Hitler

Edited by R. Joseph, Ph.D.
"If you wish to prevent a revolution by anticipation, the first thing you must do, as soon as the situation becomes critical, is to kill off the whole anti-social rabble; and you can do this only if you have already gathered them safely together in a concentration camp. "

-Adolf Hitler


You can see the evil, and thoroughly satanic reasonings behind Hitler's "New World Order" ideology.
From Hitler's template we can learn of several components surrounding the "New World Order"

The first thing that should shock you, is that this ideology is not new.

The second thing that comes with the "New World Order" is the inevitable mass purges of undesirable socio-politico-religio groups , who do not conform to the slavery of their impending New World Order dictatorship.

-Most people are not aware that Hitler was following a mandated template that was fullly supported and endorsed by the Global elite of America, Britian, and elsewhere around the globe.

Members of the European ruling elite were actually supporters of Hitler, even though their own citizens were being slaughtered by his tyranny.

Hitler was merely a pawn in the Globalist agenda, and they funded his rise to power, and his military buildup prior to World War II.

Groups like the Farben Co. which manufactured the poison gases which murdered millions of Jews during the war were financed by Wall St. in the U.S.

While people were being exterminated in Hitler's concentration camps these U.S. and British firms made large profits from Hitler's war machine. They profitted from death itself.

After World War II, Nazi scientists were smuggled into the U.S. under "Operation paperclip" to continue their barbaric and satanic practicing eugenics, race purification, and mind control experiments in line with Dr. Mengele, one of Hitler's main agents of his "New World Order" ideology, under the protection of the U.S. industrial military complex.

These Nazi ideologies were adopted by the leadership segment of this military industrial complex, and are still practiced today under the guise of the intelligence apparatus.

-In other words, Hitler's ideology is still being practiced today by what some people have coined "The shadow Government" which is completely Lucierian/Satanic.

-So the next logical question should be HOW are these "New World Order" neo conservative satanists getting support from other countries?

The answer is very simple. The elite control the Global economy, so any country that doesn't go along with their plans for global domination are then "demonized in the media, sanctioned, and if that doesn't work the offending country is invaded, and NWO supporting puppets put in place. i.e. Iraq,

-Saddam Hussein was a ruthless dictator who did not want to share power with the Global elite, so they sanctioned his country to cripple it or years, then finally once that did not work, the inevitable invasion took place to execute the elite's necessary regime change to consolidate Iraq, and control its resources.

The regime change in Iraq was a major victory for the "New World Order" promoters.
Only Iran, China, and North korea stand in their way, and the elite have already planned for, and intend to deal with those countries during the next world war.

They want to decimate the world's population to even the playing field if you will.

-So now we have yet another new verified-satan-worshipping masonic globalist President in power in the U.S. (Barack Obama) who is here for a specific reason, and that reason is to finish the NWO plan for the U.S. economic collapse, and institute a socialist state, before the inevitable dictatorship enslaves what remains of the greatest experiment in democracy the world has ever known.

This history is there for anyone to research. I am just articulating a few points of concern, in the interest of time, relating to the New World Order, and how it ties together many of history's great events.

I encourage anyone who has the time to do the research on these facts I am pointing out here.
Do your own research and prove these truths for yourself
Then you will be able to see clearly ahead to what is coming, and what will inevitably come to pass.

Hitler and the globalist "New World Order" ideology has been officially connected.

Now it's time to look at another communistic "New World Order" Nazi by the name of Joseph Stalin.


In the fourth of a series of articles marking the outbreak of World War II 70 years ago, the BBC Russian Service's Artyom Krechetnikov assesses Soviet leader Joseph Stalin's motivations behind the 1939 Soviet-Nazi pact.

Communist Leader/Mass murderer, Joseph Stalin

Soviet government documents released since the USSR's collapse give us a clear idea of what drove Stalin's thinking in concluding the non-aggression treaty - the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact - with Nazi Germany.

On 19 August 1939, just days before the agreement was signed in Moscow, in a speech to a hastily-convened session of the Politburo, Stalin said the "question of war and peace is entering a decisive phase".
He predicted that the outcome would depend entirely on whichever strategic position the USSR decided to adopt.

Should the Soviet Union form an alliance with France and Britain, he opined, Germany would be forced to abandon its territorial demands on Poland.

This, Stalin suggested, would avoid the threat of imminent war, but it would make "the subsequent development of events dangerous for the Soviet Union".

Our aim is to ensure Germany can continue to fight for as long as possible, in order to exhaust and ruin England and France

Joseph Stalin in 1939

Should the USSR sign a treaty with Germany, Stalin suggested, Berlin would "undoubtedly attack Poland, leading to a war with the inevitable involvement of France and England".

Looking ahead, Stalin suggested that "under these circumstances, we, finding ourselves in a beneficial situation, can simply await our turn [to extract maximum advantage]".
What is clear is that Stalin not only appeared unconcerned about the prospect of an attack from Nazi Germany, he actually considered such an attack impossible.

"Our aim is to ensure Germany can continue to fight for as long as possible, in order to exhaust and ruin England and France," he said. "They must not be in a condition to rout Germany.
"Our position is thus clear… remaining neutral, we aid Germany economically, with raw materials and foodstuffs. It is important for us that the war continues as long as possible, in order that both sides exhaust their forces."

As a hacker, I am a person who loves solving complex human leadership structures.
Once you understand a system to that degree, you can then begin to free yourself from its trappings, avoid it, and laugh at it for what it is, which is usually just another attempt by mankind to become gods on their little garden called Earth.

Underneath all their titles, Kingdoms, rulers, uniforms etc, they are just a group of satan worshipping nazi freaking cowards, hiding from their fears of discovery by the masses.

We have real world experience in our campaign against a similar group/system, by our war campaign against the so-called secretive organization of child rapists known as NAMBLA.

Fear is their weapon, and their main weakness.
These people fear everything and everyone. This is why they are so comfortable with Global extermination policies, because they fear the masses due to their horrible crimes against humanity.
They are the cowardly bunker builders, underground cochroach "Hiders"

We're going to break this "New World Order" system down for you people, to show you exactly how this incredible anti-human global satanic pyramid system actually works.
So we can laugh at them together, as they stumble and fail through their NWO.

Many people are starting to understand that these events are planned orchestrations of a global elite, which intend to change laws and times to bring in an "alien political system" called the "New World Order" based on Satanic worship, practices, and indoctrination.

Everyone will have to serve the coming Beast system, or face extermination. This is what they are planning for, preparing for, and anticipating with each and every day.

For these illuminati elite families such as the 'Bush family', these people are going to be the coming unelected leaders in the coming "New World Order"

-The Bush family intend to be, and most likely will be co-rulers of a large segment of the coming Global government, this is why they are such staunch supporters of the coming NWO.

Even when they are not running the globe into the ground economically, the Bush family is still very busy with the globalist nazi elites of "Bilderberg Group", "Council on Foriegn relations" and Trilateral Commision" -business as usual, always planning forward to their complete and utter destruction of the United States of America, the last bastion of freedom they consider left to conquer.

These Global elites are staking out their kingdoms, and redrawing future borders to reflect their coming global dictatorship.

There is a reason the Bush name never goes away from politics, because they are huge benefactors of the coming "New World Order"

Remember: Your NWO supporting leaders are laughing at us all.
-They don't think we are capable of discernment.

-Left versus Right is America's great delusion.
The illusion of the left/right paradigm is a freaking-joke that people still think controls the country, but at the top of both party officialdom, they are all on the same team of nazi supporting globalists.

They (NWO Elite) 'will' demand to be worshipped like the gods they believe they are, as their satanic luciferic religion tells them that they are.

Their satanic religion main cornerstone belief is "We are GOD" -'We' -meaning plural, which means there are many satanic god-wannabees out there right now in power, salivating over the prospects of this coming "New World Order"in which they will execute their satanic god-like aspiriations upon the public which they will enslave.

“Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time”

(Rev. 12:12).

Let's take a look at the elite's newest "New World Order" satanist, Barack Obama.:

Barack Hussein Obama is the most dangerous, and may be the last elected leader of the U.S. if he gets his way, and establishes his announced million-man civillian army with the teeth and  funding of the regular U.S. army.


You see, the guys in the above video were wondering where the funding for this multi-million civillian security force will come from.
The reason they cannot comprehend where this funding will come from is because they don't know who has the cash, but we know where it will come from.
Obama doesn't have to rely on the economy for his imperial force funding, due to the fact that this funding would come directly from those whom the U.S. has been paying their so-called national debt to, which is the global elite, who have untold trillions of stolen U.S. tax dollars, in collected robbery throughout the centuries.
Where, and to whom, do you think all that National debt money is going??
-Supposedly the U.S. national debt is around 10 trillion dollars.
Who do you think all that money is owed to, and who is the ultimate recipient of all this inflated debt??
So..Who do you think this creditor is??
Once you see how this evil pyramid works, then you will see that this audacious 'security force' funding is nothing to them as far as financing is concerned.

These people are the same in their views and beliefs. Which one of them is currently in power now?

Answer: It really doesn't matter, because the results will be exactly the same. Death, destruction, and enslavement.
This is the New World Order ideology, and it's here once again.


To be continued..

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