Friday, March 9, 2007

PHASE III -OPERATION ALL 4 YOU :NAMBLA's Joel Hazlett of Knoxville, TN EXPOSED! -Wants NAMBLA to help him HIDE/Re-locate..

Friday, March 09, 2007

PHASE III OPERATION ALL 4 YOU :NAMBLA's Joel Hazlett of Knoxville, TN EXPOSED! -Wants NAMBLA to help him HIDE/Re-locate..


"-NY, SFC or Boston?"


AHM discovers NAMBLA "Life member" Joel Hazlett asking NAMBLA for advice

on which city to move to. NAMBLA's Joel Hazlett indicates he is interested in finding a new city to molest children in.

NAMBLA member Joel Hazlett -INTERCEPTED-



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From:"joel h"


I am a life-member of NAMBLA known to Tom Reeves, his long time friend Mike, some Baltimore members Jim and others - but have been out of circulation for some time with severe depression.

I have been silent but would like to re-engage.At one time, I wrote up some stuff which got published, attended the SF chapter/conference, and DC conference, and contributed a few thousand dollars to NAMBLA when it seemed most needed.

I hesitate to use my full name, so I was known as "Joel H." or "Jay H."I have been a strong advocate of child rights, but took issue with the anarchistic approach NAMBLA takes, and tried to steer NAMBLA towards a more libertarian perspective which involves recognizing the relative inadequacy children have for making prudent choices that suggests they should be monitored if they wish to try any addictive item such as sex, drugs, or smoking.

I recommended testing for ability/maturity as a way to "emancipate" children regardless of age, licencing/training for boylovers to help the system adapt and monitor our progress, supporting parental-involvement/responsibility in man/boy pairing/relationships much as the ancient greeks did, and encouraging stability via nurturing making love OVER casual playful sex due to the addictive qualities of "junk sex" (like junk food).

During the DC conference, I was asked to join the steering committee by Jim.Independently, I have written many editorial articals which have been published in a variety of papers across the country and overseas. I also wrote the ACLU when my career collapsed due to depression, attempting to file suit against the US government for violating my rights as a gay boy leading to chronic depression in childhood, and later as a boyloving adult with continuing needs being met by contining harm from oppression. Unfortunately the ACLU said it was not an appropriate time to engage the courts in this area. I am pleased to see that NAMBLA has finally secured their assistance.In any case, I want to move somewhere safer than here (tennessee) and perhaps you can make some recommendations. I've had trouble overseas because of the tremendous ageism which eminates from US media/influence - along with the expectations of prostitution from younger gays which I do not feel right about - it seems better to fight the good fight here at home. So I would first solicit your input on the best cities to live in as a boylover, preferably those with NAMBLA chapters, or where I might start one that could find a tolerant location. My finances are limited, so I can probably not afford the most expensive cities like NY, SFC or Boston. These are places I'm considering:Columbus Pittsburg Philladelphia. Any input would be most appreciated. And I hope you or someone there has time to write me back. I've lost touch with everyone, i would only know to use "The Guide" to get back in touch with some of the guys.


Thanks, Joel H.


Joel Hazlett

Financial Consultant

5517 Timbercrest Trail

Knoxville, TN 37909-4428

(865) 584-4426

(865) 584-4428 (Fax)


AHM interactive..We encourage everyone to participate..


Joel Hazlett needs help to decide which City to move to..He wants to hide somewhere safe, where he can continue to try and rape children..


NAMBLA's Joel Hazlett of Knoxville, TN -EXPOSED-


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