Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Breaking News: U.S. Warns IRAN: Illuminati Continues Bush Iran Attack Agenda -Re: U.S. shows few patience, warns more pressure on Iran

Pay Attention to the maneuvers being orchestrated right before your very eyes:
In addition to the announced increase of 30,000 + U.S. Troops to the Afghanistan theater of war operations, the hawkish Illuminati controlled U.S. Government is also planning secretive hostilities towards the country of Iran, in which the Bush administration failed to initiate due to the complete elimination of public confidence in the former Bush administration before his term was finished.

Barack Obama was put in place to continue the mandate of the Bush/CFR administration's PLANNED U.S. economic collapse..Period.
Did you vote for the "New World Order satanist" Barack Obama???

-If you did, then you can thank your "vote" for completing the complete economic collapse of the so-called free world, as dictated by the Globalist New World order agenda.

-God instructed us to put our trust in him, not a "man"
-"In God We Trust?"-
We as a society were warned..Now just watch what happens..

Ask yourself if you have learned anything with the knowledge that all your so-called elected officials are all part of the same team of "New World order" satanic Elitists..

With this Afghanistan-farce in mind, who would you vote for after Obama's term is over?
-If the wheels don't fall off of the economy before it's over, before it even gets that far?

In this following news article, the Obama administration responds to Iranian plans to develop further "Uranium enrichment plants" in violation of stated demands from the 'Masonic'/Satanic United Nations Organization to cease-and-desist
In the following article down below, the George Bush agenda of a "Pre-emptive Iranian attack" is still being implemented, in direct contradiction to Obama's pre-election promises to end hostilities in the Arabian theater of war operations.

Learn how to interpret the news you hear from this Illuminati controlled mainstream media.

No Surprises here...
You will soon learn that the Obama administration is following the exact same mandate of the previous Bush administration, as outlined by the satanic "New World order" Council On Foriegn Relations satanic worshipping establishment (CFR)

Official practicing satanists, John Edwards, Donald Rumsfeld, and verified practicing satanist Hillary Rodham Clinton at CFR "New World Order" Members
(Right) The entire Bush Administration was loaded with Luciferian/Satanic CFR Memebers.

In order to be a member of the Council on Foreign relations you need to be a practicing satanist, and "New World Order" Globalist. -This is what the sole purpose of the CFR is.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)is a secretive policy group of world leaders who are working each and every day to implement the satanic "New World Order" system.

Do you notice how all your leading so called politicians are all part of the same team of New World Order Satanists from the Council On foreign relations?


The plan for an attack on Iran, either by Israel, or the U.N, has been pre-planned for years.
The threat of sanctions, and further action is just following in the same methodology that deceived the public into rushing into a war with Iraq, which has since crippled the U.S. economy, in a vain search for bogus "Weapons of Mass Destruction" which were proven, and known to be non-existant once the U.S. was deceived into committing itself to a major war in the region.

The guy in the photo is sitting on YOUR STREETS looking for dimes...
-While Billions of dollars monthly are being spent on killing more "HUMANS" by warfare.

When the adjusted rates of U.S. hyper-inflation are finally realized, and the world's economy folds, will you then accept their reasonings for their "Planned" implementation of their intentional totalitarian dictatorship, which they will insist was for the "SECURITY" of the Nation??
Watch for yourselves. Watch this farce come to fruition.

This scenario presently unfolding has been planned long before anyone even heard of the name Barack Obama.

Bush and "human child sacrificing Illuminati satanist " CFR member Henry Kissinger..
Look at how Henry Kissinger and Bush view the American soldiers:
In Haig's presence, Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy. (Link)

George W. Bush jokes about Iraq war and the bloody campaign in a fruitless search for non existent weapons of mass destruction..

-Watch and learn.. Watch George W. Bush "joke" about the Iraq war, and the bogus search for weapons of mass destruction.

Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? There is more hope of a fool than of him.”

Prov. 26:12

Think about these connections for a minute and you will start to see the picture forming.
While soldiers and civillians were, and are presently still being killed to this day in the Middle Eastern  war he initiated, George W. Bush is observed "joking" about the bloody and futile search for weapons of mass destruction that the entire establishment knew full well Iraq did not posses before the war even began.

U.S. serviceman with burns to 97% of his body.

Pawns in the satanic game of Global totalitarian dictatorship..

Question: Did  these crippled and maimed coalition soldiers find the bogus weapons of mass destruction?
Answer: Of course not, because they were never there to begin with..

-So ask yourself, who is responsible for this soldiers horrible injuries, and the deaths of over one million Iraqi civilians and thousands of coalition soldiers?

-Do you see how evil these people really are, and how little they regard their human sacrificial soldiers whom they use as pawns in their NWO agenda??
These Illuminati satanists use their soldiers as pawns(!!) -Can you imagine the deception throughout the history of warfare??
Millions upon millions of people were sacrificed for the whims of this cabal of Illuminati "New World Order" satanists.
"Soldiers are "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy. (Link)That quote is coming right from the lips of Henry Kissinger, former National security advisor to the U.S. and longstanding CFR member and icon.

Illuminati satanist Henry Kissinger with fellow NWO satanist, Richard Nixon.
This is the Illuminati satanist,  Henry Kissinger. He's everywhere like stink on shit..

The Illuminati and verified child-sacrificing satanist, Henry Kissinger..always at the top of the political food-chain directing U.S. policy through CFR business, and placing people in power for their globalist and satanic New World order agenda.

(Left)Obama with his mentor, Satanist CFR Globalist, Henry Kissinger..
Kissinger gave Barack Obama his first job.
Notice how the satanist "New World Order" puppet masters like Henry Kissinger know no party lines..they control both sides of the so called left right paradigm.

The destruction of the U.S. economy by "never ending wars" while its citizens starve, and lose their homes, jobs, and livelihoods,  is all part and parcel of their overall agenda which is the complete destruction of the U.S. middle class as a viable social status.

Once again, Henry Kissinger CFR Illuminati "New World Order satanist from the Nixon administration speaks of Obama's role in implementing the "New World Order"
The satanic Illuminati plan for the complete destruction of the U.S. "Family Unit" and the norms of the traditional institution of marriage, as a viable human institution, is one of their ultimate goals...
-Because they (Globalists) know historically  that a "MAN" will fight for his Family unto death, which is a major obstacle in the implementation of their planned draconian dictatorship on the freedom loving U.S. citizens.

-Welcome to the coming satanic "New World Order"

Don't read this blog if you are a so called flag-waving Republican.

Don't read this blog if you are a so-called flag waving Democrat.

-This blog is only for intelligent people, who really want to understand the "TRUTH" behind the world we live in, and the real reasons behind all this (controlled) global chaos.
These events are "Planned orchestratrions" of the Global "New World Order" Elite, which want to institute a "Global totalitarian dictatorship" government, to enslave humantiy under an "alien" satanic form of slavery modelled after the previous Nazi regime of their fellow Satanist, Adolf Hitler, on a global scale.

These people(Your politicians) are following the satanic agenda of "One World Government"as dictated by their satanic Illuminati/Masonic dogma.
-This is not new..it is a continuation of their overall agenda.
Do not be fooled by their words, just look at their "actions"

Read this outrageous article from Chinese Media no less:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- The Obama administration said Monday that its patience on Iran's nuclear program is limited, warning that Tehran must make a choice between further integration with the international community and further isolation.  

"The President has said that our patience is not unlimited. He's indicated that we're willing to give a preponderance of attention to the engagement track until the end of the year, and if we don't get a positive response, we're going to start shifting our focus over to the other track, the track of pressure," said State Department spokesman Ian  Kelly.

"We have offered a path of cooperation that could lead to further integration with the international community. That's the IAEA offer that's on the table. And it's unfortunate that they haven't been able to respond positively on that," said Kelly, adding "the other choice they have is further isolation."

According to a deal brokered by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), about 70 percent of Iran's enriched uranium would be shipped abroad in exchange for fuel robs for research use. But Iran has said that it would consider a Uranium-for-fuel swap inside the country.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced Sunday that Iran will build 10 new uranium enrichment facilities, with work starting on at least five sites within two months in order that 250 to 300 tons of nuclear fuel can be produced annually.

The United States, its European allies and Israel claim that Iran's nuclear program is aimed at developing nuclear weapons, while the UN Security Council also requires Iran to suspend its uranium enrichment activity.

However, Iran insists that its nuclear plan is only for peaceful purposes, and continues its uranium enrichment activity despite the pressure from the western countries and relevant resolutions and sanctions of the United Nations.

Brace yourselves for the inevitable U.S. economic collapse, just as the Russian economy collapsed after trying to defeat the so called U.S. trained Afghan "Freedom fighters(?) for ten years in their failed attempt to conquer Afghanistan in a bloody war of attrition.

Russia went bankrupt, and the Berlin wall came down.
The Russians defeated themselves, by repeatedly blowing up Afghan mud huts each and every year for ten years, officially bankrupting the country, while their own Russian citizens starved on their very streets back at home. Their economy totally collapsed and supposedly ended the Illuminati created bogus "Cold-war"
What makes you think things will end any differently with this latest Afghanistan invasion farce?

We welcome "anyone" to come forward and challenge these "truths" being asserted here on this website.
I  guarantee these assertions with my life...Ask yourselves..would you?

Look at this:
Question: -Where is the financing coming from for the escalation of this war that should have never occurred??

Answer: Right from the pockets of the citizens that are now losing their livelihoods..

This is a basic skill I want to share... I just asked a question, then gave my own answer.

-Think about that for a minute...What did I just do there?
What just happened there?

Skill: Never ask a question that you have failed to learn the answer to on your own due to lack of sincere inquiry or research.
Afterall, failure is unacceptable, it could cost you your life..but there is no need to worry.

-Afterall, this war has already been won..Satan has already been defeated.
Satan and his angels lost the war of the Heavens..satan now awaits his judgment from the Lord along with the rest of mankind.

"And the angels which kept not their first estate,but left their own habitation,God hath reserved in ever lasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day".

As far as these satan worshipping Illuminati leaders are concerned, this is what they have absolutely failed to understand, which is Satan has deceived them into believing otherwise.

This is the trap for the Illuminati, and they can't seem to grasp the numbing truth of their deception. Satan is using them to try to destroy mankind as a species, and this Illuminati satanic doctrine has them all believing that depopulating the planet is for the GOOD of the
the "earth" in which they worship and  revere with traditional witchcraft homage.

Look at this for yourselves : Monument called the "Georgia Guidestones" -Ask yourself if you understand what's coming.
These so called 'Georgia  Guidestones' are a template for the coming "New World Order"
Every person in the world, and in that country should take a really good look at them.

These Illuminati satanists have even built vast underground facilities with the intention to "hide" before the great day of the war of God's war of Armageddon comes upon this world.

They think that if they dig deep enough into the ground, if they just burrow another mile or so down, they will be "safe" 
They have actually been deceived and conditioned into believing that the Lord of Creation, and His army of Angels won't be able to "find them" when they return to execute judgments on this planet(!)  lol

You have to laugh, because this is what they truly believe(!) -it's just incredible..

I mean wow..How can this ideology lead to anything but utter annihilation??
-But yet, this is what your World leaders are being deceived into believing, in exchange for blood sacrifices to satan himself. Can you imagine what is going on behind closed doors??

They satanic Illuminati New World Order promoters are actually preparing for the coming Wars.

It's almost as if their mental faculties are trapped in a strange dimension. Their minds seem to have been imprisoned in the polar opposites of common sense itself.

 It's incredible. Words can barely describe what these satanists are trying to implement.

 This satanic theology and totalitarian pyramid structure is the most cruel and evil system ever designed.
It is written that satan is a master deceiver, and he manipulates those who worship him to their doom..
Satan has deceived all mankind since our inception.

-But satan has already been defeated, and was cast from Heaven, therefore, whomever these satanists, so called world leaders, and occultists, are who do not grasp this simple "truth" will be susceptible to any and all false report, which is contradictory to longevity in any ordered system, or ordered structure...from molecule solar system, from night to day,  there is an ordered pattern to what people refer to as "reality"
-If not, then  we get what any mathematician, no matter how long the equation, will always arrive at, which is "chaos"

 They are headed to their own destruction, and satan is laughing us all.

Let's examine Satan's "Order out of chaos" deception.
"Order out of chaos" is a main cornerstone satanic belief.

This is another cipher for solving the "New World Order" ideology.
Once you begin to understand that these satanist Presidents believe, and have always believed and practiced, that chaos, war, and general mayhem is "GOOD" for everyone(!)
-You will then begin to understand the reasonings behind many of History's great wars and political upheavals/events.
Mathematicians would agree that there is no chaos within the realms of order , and even if that wasn't true, it would still amount to "ordered chaos" -but these Illuminati satanists have been deceived into believing the exact opposite is true.

-In their Satanic/Masonic mantra "chaos equals "order"
They are always fuelling and planning revolutions, wars, civil unrest and formulating civil wars between Nations, and maneuvering geo political landscapes in compliance with their overall agenda which is One World Government.

From George Washington to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to the latest Masonic Illuminati puppet, Barack Obama, these people have had the same agenda, which is to institute a one world satanic dictatorship called the "New World Order"
Look at the deadly beauty of it for a minute, and understand the extreme intelligence of this, the "sweetest deception"

The malevolent nature of this deception re-affirms the existence of what could be termed, Higher Beings. -And we don't believe in "Aliens"

-But I know billions of people who are presently being conditioned by controlled media interests into believing that the premise of "Extra-terrestrial Alien creatures is a possiblity, and may even be a common threat to Humanity.

The demonic  "Alien invasion" NWO deception.
-Examine the parameters of the coming satanic deception of "Alien invasion"
Review this series for an understanding of what these Illuminati satanists are preparing for.
-I recommend this series for an overview into the coming satanic alien deception (Link)
It just didn't start yesterday, this has been an Illuminati mandated theme for decades:

Examine the Illuminati set-up of their coming alien-type invasion scenario:

Satanist Ronald Reagan speaking of "Alien Invasion" during speech.
What was the year of that speech??

This is a planned  long term "deception, and a great deception it will be, indeed...

-Only to those who don't know it's coming...a deception influenced by the xtra-intelligent beings referred to as Demons, and executed by satan worshipping elitists who take their instruction for world domination directly from the sacrificial blood altars used to summon these dangerous and malevolent demonic spirit beings.

After receiving knowledge and power from conjuring these "demons", these elitists are then required to follow up with "blood sacrifices" as payment for their "favours"
The higher the blood sacrifice in terms of death and destruction the more power and knowledge is granted to them.

Satanist and CFR member Ronald Reagan speaking of "Alien Invasion" during speech to U.N.

These satanic "blood sacrifices" are paid for by the slaughter called "War"
These leaders use wars for cerimonial "blood sacrifices" to their god "Lucifer"/Satan.

Adolf Hitler spoke about this phenomenon when He didn't understand his losses in the Stalingrad war theater.

-Hitler said to one of his Generals that he thought the sacrifice of German soldiers would have been great enough to sway victory in his favour.

What is revealing about  this ideology, is that these so called world leaders believe, and have been subscribing to an "alien" philosophy  that basically says that you can win wars, so long as you spill enough of your own soldiers' blood, to satisfy their god Satan.

-They then believed that victory would sway in their favour(!!!)

I mean wow..this explains so much about the history of warfare that History books would have to be revised with the actual "truth" that these Illuminati maniacs, these so called socialistic-nazi, satan worshipping creepers, have been listening to the little voicies in their heads that told them to do bad things like kill Billions of "Humans" -Can you imagine??

The George Bush Satanic Blood Sacrifice to Satan..
This satanic socialistic ideology explains quite a bit about some of the wars in recent history.

More innocent blood spilled Iraq-war "sacrifice" to satan.
This is what the practicing satanist George Bush is responsible for..
A graphic result of the satanic based "Order out of Chaos" ideology.
I make no apologies for displaying the shocking "truth"..none at all.

People really need to see what is really going on.
Everyone on this planet should study these images very carefully and ask themselves if they realise that these dead and maimed children are our brothers and sisters.
We are all one Human family, yet there are elements who would have you believe otherwise.
-Remember, this satanic pracitice of homicidal deception and blood sacrifice through war to "Satan makes these satan worshipping leaders very "happy" that massive innocent blood has been, and is being shed.

“Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time”
(Rev. 12:12).

Innocent blood is considered a high value sacrifice to satan by these Elitists which just happen to be in control of the globe and its economy.

A U.S. soldier grieves the death of a child to deceptive U.S. Iraq war.
Can you imagine the pain this human feels realising an infant was just murdered?
Is it any wonder these soldiers who have been deceived, and used as pawns in this satanist "New World Order agenda" inherit massive psychological trauma, and are now committing suicide in record numbers?

-Afterall these soldiers are only Human.
Humans were not meant to slaughter one another for the "good of humanity"
-Yet this "alien" satanic ideology and doctrine has deceived these people into believing the exact opposite.
These satanists are in fact subscribing to a formula that says it is "Good" to kill, torture, maim and cause general chaos, because out of all the chaos they create, then they believe some sort of satanic "order will follow(!)
How can anything except complete destruction result from this ideology??

Adolf Hitler couldn't fathom why he was being defeated in the end, because he was promised "victory" if he just sacrificed enough of his own countrymen in suicidal war campaigns.

The demonic powers he served within the German satanic 'Thule society' occult group, and his thouroughly satanic SS psychopaths were all worshipping Lucifer, and his blood sacrifice for victory requirements.

This explains Hitler's crazy war ideology, where he would literally sacrifice millions of his soldiers to the very end, even though they knew they had no chance of survival.
This is pure evil on a massive scale.

Hitler's blood sacrifice to Satan (WWII) was a great success for the satanic Illuminati "New World Order" elites, who just happend to have financed Hitler's war machine prior to WWII.

Documentary: Examination of the satanic occult roots of Hitler's Third Riech.

They divided the spoils from that bloodbath of a war amongst themselves, then resumed with the business as usual, their satanic rule through never ending chaos ideology. i.e. 'War On Terror' -etc

First they create the conflict, then provide the solution, which usually means more draconian police state laws. i.e Patriot act'

This philosophy explains the Vietnam war, the war in Afghanistan, and many others.
These Illuminati satanists like Bush, Cheny etc really believe that the more that is sacrificed in war in terms of blood and destruction, the greater the victory in the long run.

While people lose their jobs, homes, and lives, endless wars and this so called "Change" is guaranteed to destroy what remains of the U.S. economy, and bring the rest of the world with it.
Wake Up People..

Should this guy be begging for food before even ONE DOLLAR is spent on warfare??

The U.S. government continues to shell out Billions of dallars in warfare and foreign-aid while its own citizens lose their livelihoods...

Prepare yourselves for the coming sudden announcement of the "planned" inevitable U.S. economic collapse.
This collapse will effect everyone who relies on this economy for their sustenance.

The date is December 1st, 2009, and history has just been made..again..

Stand by for Updates..



Anonymous said...

US warns Iran to meet nuclear deadline
By Tangi Quemener (AFP) – 6 hours ago

WASHINGTON — The United States warned Iran Tuesday that December is "a very real deadline" after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed an international ultimatum over its nuclear program.

The United States and France have repeatedly urged Tehran to accept a United Nations-drafted deal to swap enriched uranium for nuclear fuel by the end of the year or face the threat of further sanctions.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said that the so-called P5+1, which gathers UN Security Council veto-wielding permanent members Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States plus Germany, were all on board with the deadline.

"I think that the international community is united in this. This is not (just) something that the (US) president has said... This is something that the members of the P5+1 have said," Gibbs said.

"That's why we are at the point where we are now with the international community waiting to see and have been waiting to see for months whether Iran will live up to its responsibilities."

Ahmadinejad earlier rejected the deadline and delivered another broadside against Western pressure over Tehran's refusal to suspend enrichment or agree to full inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN nuclear watchdog.

Anonymous said...

"They say we have given Iran until the end of the Christian year. Who are they anyway? It is we who have given them an opportunity," Ahmadinejad said in a speech in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz.

Gibbs said: "Mr Ahmadinejad may not recognize, for whatever reason, the deadline that looms, but that is a very real deadline for the international community... It is in his control what Iran decides to do."

US President Barack Obama's administration has signaled that time is running out for Iran to seize its offer of diplomatic engagement for resolving nuclear and other issues.

"As we have said many times, the president has stressed that we and our partners will be assessing Iran's responsiveness here as we approach the end of the year," said State Department spokesman Philip Crowley.

He warned that, "come 2010 should Iran continue in its current posture... there will be implications and consequences for their failure to take advantage of this opportunity."

The United States has raised the specter of a fourth round of UN sanctions, but will need to persuade Russia and China to drop their traditional reluctance to consider tougher measures.

Iran insists its nuclear program is solely for civilian purposes and rejects Western suspicions that it is covertly trying to develop a bomb.

Its top nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, told Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama on Monday that weapons of mass destruction "are against Islamic teaching and that Iran would never develop such weapons," according to Hatoyama's office.

"We seriously oppose mass destruction nuclear weapons," Jalili told reporters, rejecting as "baseless" reports that a plane-load of arms from North Korea seized in Thailand was headed for Iran.

Thai officials said they impounded the plane on a US tip after it landed to refuel at a Bangkok airport on December 11 with cargo that included shoulder-launched missiles and rocket-propelled grenades.

Iran has rejected the US-backed IAEA proposal to ship low-grade nuclear fuel abroad so it can be further enriched and returned to refuel a Tehran medical research reactor.

But Ahmadinejad told AFP in an interview on Friday that Iran is ready to strike a uranium enrichment deal if the United States and the West respect the Islamic Republic and stop making threats.

Copyright © 2009 AFP. All rights reserved. More »
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Iran denies it is trying to develop atomic weapons

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